Reporter's Notebook
Dead rising notebook
Description Frank's trusty notebook.
Its pages are crammed with hastily scribbled notes that could prove invaluable in getting the big scoop.
Location Pause Menu
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For Dead Rising 2 see Chuck's Notebook

The reporter's notebook is a key item in Dead Rising. It is where Frank keeps track of the psychopaths or survivors he meets, with helpful notes on them. The notebook is accessible from the Pause Menu (press Start during game play to access this menu). Use the left thumbstick Dleft to cycle through the profiles.[1]


There are five possible statuses for the survivors that Frank has encountered.

  • Safe: Survivors marked as safe have been brought back to the Security Room and are awaiting rescue.
  • Dead: Survivors marked as dead have been killed, either by psychopaths, zombies, other survivors, or Frank himself.
  • Undead: Survivors marked as undead have been killed and zombified, and their undead forms have been seen.
  • Lost: Survivors marked as lost have been located, but due to other circumstances can no longer be found.
  • Located: Survivors marked as located have been seen and possibly escorted, but are neither safe nor dead.

If a perfect playthrough is to be done, then by the end of the game, approximately 1 person should be labeled Located, 49 should be Safe, 24 should be Dead, 4 should be Undead, and nobody should be Lost.

Notebook entries and Otis' callsEdit

See also Template:Trans for a list of radio transmissions

Below are all of the notebook entries for survivors and psychopaths, and Otis's calls.[2] and also many of Otis' calls pertaining to these survivors.[3]

# Name Age Notebook entry Otis' call
001 Dead rising ed Ed DeLuca 33 Charter helicopter pilot.
002 Dead rising carlito Carlito Keyes 33 Mastermind behind the Willamette incident.
003 Dead rising alan Alan Peterson 56 Was arguing with Kathy in the Entrance Plaza.
004 Dead rising brian Brian Reynolds 27 Was standing around talking in the Entrance Plaza.
005 Dead rising chris Chris Hines 31 Found erecting a barricade in the Entrance Plaza.
006 Dead rising dana Dana Simms 30 Was crying in a depressed state in the Entrance Plaza.
007 Dead rising freddie Freddie May 40 Found erecting a barricade in the Entrance Plaza.
008 Dead rising kathy Kathy Peterson 52 Was arguing with Alan in the Entrance Plaza.
009 Dead rising lindsay Lindsay Harris 70 Adores her dog, Madonna.
010 Dead rising todd Todd Mendell 28 Was standing around talking in the Entrance Plaza.
011 Dead rising mark Mark Quemada 25 Was wandering around the Entrance Plaza.
012 Dead rising ryan Ryan LaRosa 54 Found erecting a barricade in the Entrance Plaza.
013 Dead rising verlene Verlene Willis 24 Was trying to comfort Dana in the Entrance Plaza.
014 Dead rising otis Otis Washington 67 Aged mall employee.
015 Dead rising jessie Jessie McCarney 25 DHS agent.
016 Dead rising brad Brad Garrison 46 DHS agent.
017 Dead rising russell Russell Barnaby 62 Key figure in the Willamette incident.
018 Dead rising isabela Isabela Keyes 27 Carlito's younger sister.
019 Dead rising jeff Jeff Meyer 55 Natalie's husband. Unannounced
020 Dead rising natalie Natalie Meyer 53 Jeff's wife.
021 Dead rising bill Bill Brenton 39 Trapped in warehouse since before the incident began.
022 Dead rising kent Kent Swanson 24 Cocky young photographer. You said you're a journalist, right? I've been watching the monitors here and I got some info you might want. There's some young guy wanderin' around in Paradise Plaza. He's carrin' a camera like you. I guess he must be a photographer, too. Takin pictures at a time like this...You're both crazy!
023 Dead rising cletus Cletus Samson 46 Owner of the Huntin' Shack gun shop. Unannounced
024 Dead rising james James Ramsey 36 Shot by Cletus.
025 Dead rising sophie Sophie Richards 25 Discovered while under attack by convicts.
026 Dead rising burt Burt Thompson 20 Found hiding behind barricade with Aaron. Somebody's barricaded a WOMEN'S CLOTHING SHOP in AL FRESCA PLAZA. From the looks of it, two people are hidin' inside.
027 Dead rising aaron Aaron Swoop 20 Found hiding behind barricade with Burt.
028 Dead rising leah Leah Stein 29 Lost her baby to the zombies. I found a woman in the JEWELRY SHOP in AL FRESCA PLAZA. She's movin' around an awful lot. It looks like she's lookin' for somebody.
029 Dead rising adam Adam MacIntyre 35 Clown presumably hired to entertain children. The SPACE RIDER MACHINE in Wonderland Plaza looks like it's outta control. Maybe there's somebody out there. You wanna check it out?
030 Dead rising greg Greg Simpson 38 Was held captive by Adam.
031 Dead rising yuu Yuu Tanaka 32 Japanese tourist. I found a couple of survivors in the BOOKSTORE in WONDERLAND PLAZA. They look Japanese. Probably tourists.
032 Dead rising shinji Shinji Kitano 34 Japanese tourist.
033 Dead rising david David Bailey 44 Dealing with injured leg. I saw somebody in the NORTH PLAZA. He was leaving the SUPERMARKET. He was in a real panic too. Somethin' must be after the poor guy.
034 Dead rising tonya Tonya Waters 25 Ross' girlfriend. I've spotted two people holed up in one of the SHOE STORES in WONDERLAND PLAZA. A guy and a girl... Must be a couple. Looks like somethin's wrong though.
035 Dead rising ross Ross Folk 27 Tonya's boyfriend. Badly injured.
036 Dead rising cliff Cliff Hudson 58 Found wandering around Crislip's Home Saloon clutching a machete. I just saw a big dude carryin' a machete in that home store... CRISLIP'S somethin' or other. He knows where the security cameras are and he's doin' a good job of stayin' outta sight.
037 Dead rising josh Josh Manning 25 Was captured and held by Cliff.
038 Dead rising barbara Barbara Patterson 40
039 Dead rising rich Rich Atkins 36
040 Dead rising heather Heather Tompkins 18 Pamela's twin sister. Unannounced
041 Dead rising pamela Pamela Tompkins 18 Heather's twin sister.
042 Dead rising gordon Gordon Stalworth 29 Complete coward. There's somebody inside the HOME AND GARDEN SHOP in AL FRESCA PLAZA. I didn't get a good look at 'em, but I'm pretty sure it was a man. He looked really scared. He must be dealin' with some heavy stuff right now.
043 Dead rising ronald Ronald Shiner 30 Thinks only of eating. I just saw someone in the SANDWICH SHOP in PARADISE PLAZA. Looked pretty overweight from what I saw in the monitor. He's not just goin' there to get food is he?
043 Dead rising ronald Ronald Shiner call 2 Frank... RONALD's startin' to panic about the lack of FOOD around here. He's ready to take a group of people out to scavenge for some. You'd better bring some FOOD back here quick before they get themselves in trouble.
044 Dead rising jennifer Jennifer Gorman 27 Was held prisoner by the raincoat cult. Unannounced
045 Dead rising jo Jo Slade 33 Police officer with a penchant for harassing and assaulting young women. I spotted a cop goin' into a WOMEN'S CLOTHING SHOP in WONDERLAND PLAZA. She had a younger woman with her. I wonder what they're up to in there...
046 Dead rising kay Kay Nelson 24 Was captured and held by Jo.
047 Dead rising lilly Lilly Deacon 24
048 Dead rising kelly Kelly Carpenter 19
049 Dead rising janet Janet Star 26
050 Dead rising sally Sally Mills 24 Found hanging from giant rabbit. Unannounced
051 Dead rising nick Nick Evans 30
052 Dead rising roger Roger Hall 44 Patriarch of the Hall family. Found hunting in the Entrance Plaza. I've spotted a guy in the COSMETICS SHOP in ENTRANCE PLAZA. Looks like he's tryin' to get outta there but someone's takin' shots at him. There must be a sniper positioned over there. He won't last long like that...
053 Dead rising jack Jack Hall 23 Oldest son of the Hall family. Found hunting in the Entrance Plaza.
054 Dead rising thomas Thomas Hall 20 Youngest son of the Hall family. Found hunting in the Entrance Plaza.
055 Dead rising wayne Wayne Blackwell 34 Was the target of snipers.
056 Dead rising jolie Jolie Wu 28 Rachel's friend. There's a woman taking cover inside a CHILDREN'S CLOTHING SHOP in the ENTRANCE PLAZA. Things are lookin' pretty bleak there Frank. You might wanna lend her a hand.
057 Dead rising rachel Rachel Decker 27 Jolie's friend.
058 Dead rising floyd Floyd Sanders 69 Antique enthusiast. I spotted an old man. He's in the ANTIQUE SHOP in ENTRANCE PLAZA. It's weird... He seems awfully calm considering the circumstances.
058 Dead rising floyd Floyd Sanders call 2 Frank! Remember FLOYD? The old guy. He says he wants some WINE. He seems to think it'd be a good way to calm people's frayed nerves a bit. Bring some back to the Security Room, would ya?
059 Dead rising kindell Kindell Johnson 38 Reliable and trustworthy. Frank! We've got a situation in the Security Room! That KINDELL guy snapped man! He said the helicopter wasn't comin' and now he's tryin' to rile everyone up so they'll go with him to find another way out. If we don't do somethin', he'll take everybody with him and bolt! You gotta get back here quick!
Sean Notebook photo
Sean Keanan 62 Leader of the raincoat cult. This is kind of weird, but there's a group of freaks in raincoats gathered in COLBY'S MOVIELAND. They're wearin' matchin' masks too. They're really given' me the creeps.
061 Dead rising ray Ray Mathison 31 Was held prisoner by the raincoat cult.
062 Dead rising nathan Nathan Crabbe 37
063 Dead rising michelle Michelle Feltz 27
064 Dead rising beth Beth Shrake 41
065 Dead rising cheryl Cheryl Jones 25 Was held in warehouse of movie theater.
066 Dead rising gil Gil Jimenez 39 Drinking to drown crushing depression. Unannounced
067 Dead rising brett Brett Styles 28 Found holed up in gun shop.
068 Dead rising jonathan Jonathan Picardsen 25
069 Dead rising alyssa Alyssa Laurent 25
070 Dead rising paul Paul Carson 19 Was out of control, but seems to have had a change of heart. I spotted a guy with long hair over in one of the WOMEN'S CLOTHING SHOP'S in WONDERLAND PLAZA. He's holdin' a Molotov Cocktail... You'd better be careful...
071 Dead rising mindy Mindy Baker 28 Discovered under attack by Paul.
072 Dead rising debbie Debbie Willett 50
073 Dead rising leroy Leroy McKenna 46 Currently dealing with a neck injury. There's a guy hangin' out in the COSMETICS SHOP in WONDERLAND PLAZA. He doesn't look so good.
074 Dead rising susan Susan Walsh 76 Laid back old lady. Unannounced
075 Dead rising simone Simone Ravendark 18 Worried about her zombie bite wound. There's a girl in a CD SHOP in PARADISE PLAZA. She looks exhausted. I don't know what happened, but that chick's definitely in trouble.
076 Dead rising tad Tad Hawthorne 31 Was held captive by Kent. Unannounced
077 Dead rising steven Steven Chapman 37 Manager of Seon's Food & Stuff
078 Dead rising larry Larry Chiang 40 Butcher obsessed with his work. None

Survivors not in the notebookEdit

Other survivors not listed in the notebook include


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