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Rescue Survivors is an optional side objective in Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel.

After Doug ask Angel to return to Sunset Hills High School during the mission Get to Sunset High School, the option to rescue survivors will become available.

Throughout Los Perdidos, there are eight groups of illegals facing execution by the military. By rescuing all eight groups, Angel will be able to earn a total of 160,0000 PP as well as the Guardian Angel achievement. As Angel nears a group of survivors, a marker will appear on the map, and the mission objective will appear in her side missions log.

In order for the survivors to count for the achievement, Angel must save them from execution and untie them.

Survivor Locations[]

  1. At the aqueduct (underneath the Los Perdidos Bridge), Angel can find Mel, Tara and Trevor.
  2. Outside of the Wrench-O-Rama in Ingleton you can find Keith, Jeremy and Ryan.
  3. In the parking lot of the Ingleton Motel, you'll find Bob, Alex and Devon
  4. On North Bridge, you can find Mila, Cara and Maia
  5. On the street outside of the Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant in Sunset Hills you can find Alec, Brian and Jordan.
  6. On South Bridge, Angel can untie Jack, Ryan and Vicki.
  7. Outside of the Wrench-O-Rama in South Almuda, you'll find Linda, Mike and Scott.
  8. At the Central City Amphitheater in southern Central City, you can find Eva, Tracey and Allison
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