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In Dead Rising, restrooms can be found throughout the Willamette Parkview Mall.

Each restroom has a restroom for men and a bathroom for women. There is also a restroom in Flexin' for Frank to use. Restrooms serve two important purposes: they allow Frank to save his progress, and the restroom in Wonderland Plaza acts as a secret shortcut connecting Wonderland Plaza to Paradise Plaza.


Location Items
Dead rising restroom colby's
Colby's Movieland
Dead Rising Flexin restroom
North Plaza
  • None
Dead rising restroom paradise plaza (2)
Paradise Plaza
Dead rising wonderland bathrooms
Wonderland Plaza
  • None

Secret ShortcutEdit

There is a secret shortcut that allows Frank to travel to and from Paradise Plaza and Wonderland Plaza via vents in the women's' restroom. To gain access to the shortcut, Frank must free Greg Simpson, who is trapped on the Space Rider in the scoop Out of Control, and follow him to discover the shortcut. The shortcut allows survivors to travel with Frank in order to reach the Security Room in a safer and quicker way.

Save PointsEdit

Restrooms allow Frank to save the game. Other save points include:


  • Restroom mirrors remove glasses.[1]
  • The shortcut in the bathrooms is not directly behind the mirror, but instead right to the vent above the mirror.
  • If the player is holding a large object (one that can not be carried in the player's inventory slots) and tries to save in a bathroom or any other save area, the animation before saving (such as opening a stall door) will be skipped, allowing faster save time.
  • When saving at a urinal, Frank will unzip his pants and (seemingly) urinate. If he saves at a stall or at Flexin', he will simply grab the door handle.



  1. incorrectly states that the restroom mirrors remove masks. This mirror did not remove the Bear Mask, nor the Black Baseball Cap. The mirror does remove glasses though.
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