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Return Food Truck to Communications Tower is the fifteenth story mission in Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel.


After Angel picks up the Feastmobile at Hamburger Fiefdom and collects the three weapon caches, she will need to drive the supplies back to communications tower.

Keeping a close eye on the Feastmobile, drive it back to the Los Perdidos Communication Tower. If the vehicle sustains enough damage, it will be destroyed, resulting in a game over.

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Main Missions
Investigate the Yacht - Find Supplies - Get to the Safe Zone in South Almuda - Search for Clues - Follow the Blood Trail - Talk to Winnie - Get to Sunset High School - Stop the Intruders - Get to the Communications Tower - Defend Doug - Clear Out the Zombies Inside - Talk to Doug - Find the Food Truck - Collect Weapon Caches - Return Food Truck to Communications Tower - Meet Doug at the Trap Location - Get to the Vantage Point - Take Out the Spec Ops - Follow Doug - Investigate the Lab - Find the Lab Key - Clear Enemies from Lab - Rescue the Trapped Survivors
Side Missions
Destroy Surveillance Cameras - Rescue Survivors