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"You? I bet you guys started this mess. Look, get me an Security AR so I can get out of here."
—Robert, upon meeting Chuck

Robert Staymore is a survivor in Dead Rising 2: Case West. He is a scientist found under the Security Outpost in the Holding Pens. He appears after Case 2-2: Infiltration is activated, around 4pm.

Robert Staymore is a researcher who was found beneath the Security Outpost, surrounded by zombies. He is standing on a metal crate shouting for help. Once the zombies have been dealt with, Robert blames Chuck Greene and Frank West for the mess and requests a Security AR in order to flee the Phenotrans Facility. Once receiving the rifle, he makes his way through the Holding Pens to escape the compound.



  • Robert says when meeting Chuck "...get me an Security AR so I can..." He should have said "a Security AR", not "an".
  • His photo is used for Savior achievement.
  • In a development release dated October 18,2010, he was named Robert Knight.


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