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"Frank... Ronald's startin' to panic about the lack of food around here. He's ready to take a group of people out to scavenge for some. You'd better bring some food back here quick before they get themselves in trouble."
Otis Washington

Ronald's Appetite is a scoop in Dead Rising.

On the evening of the second day, Ronald Shiner will start a mutiny and plans to leave the Security Room to look for food.

Frank will need to go back to the Security Room in order to stop Ronald's mutiny.


Due to a lack of food, Ronald Shiner panics and rallies up the other survivors in the Security Room to head out and look for more. Frank arrives to calm Ronald down by delivering food, claiming that he has a secret stash for them.

If Frank fails to show up with food, Ronald and the other survivors in the same room will leave the Security Room and look for food, never to be seen again. The following are the survivors who will leave with Ronald, assuming they have been rescued and brought back to the Security Room:

  1. Dead rising bill.png Bill Brenton,
  2. Dead rising aaron.png Aaron Swoop,
  3. Dead rising burt.png Burt Thompson,
  4. Dead rising sophie.png Sophie Richards,
  5. Dead rising nathan.png Nathan Crabbe,
  6. Dead rising michelle.png Michelle Feltz,
  7. Dead rising cheryl.png Cheryl Jones,
  8. Dead rising beth.png Beth Shrake,
  9. Dead rising heather.png Heather Tompkins, and
  10. Dead rising pamela.png Pamela Tompkins.


Conversation with Ronald
Dead rising ronald.png
Ronald: Hey everybody! I'm getting' outta here! I'm gone! I'm leavin' to track down some food!

Frank: I don't mean to burst your bubble, but I wouldn't recommend doing that.

Ronald: Screw you jerkoff! You fooled me! I only came here cause you said there'd be food. Well? Where is it? I sure don't see any?

Frank: We should've had just enough to cover everyone's needs. What happened to that?

Ronald: That is not enough. Not to loot my own horn, but we eat like three times more than normal folks. You cannot leave us a freakin' appetizer and expect us not to shrivel up and die of hunger. Of course, if you've got a secret stash set aside for us, then that's a different story.

Frank: Everyone else is gettin' by ok on these portions. Maybe you oughta make a little sacrifice yourself.

Ronald: Screw that noise man. Sacrificing is for losers. I want some damn grub! The way I see it, if I'm gonna starve to death anyway, I may as well just get eaten by zombies.

Give Ronald Food
Ronald: Food! Food! Food! I LOVE food![1]


  • In order to activate this scoop, Ronald Shiner must be rescued in the scoop Restaurant Man, in addition to at least three survivors from the above list.
  • In Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, Ronald requires at least five food items.
  • Do not attempt to exit the Security Room if this scoop is active as if Frank decides to come back to the Security Room, the survivors all bundled together with Ronald will disappear completely.



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