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Rooftop Massacre: Round 2 is a single-player Sandbox Challenge in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Location: Safe House Rooftop

Prerequisites: 10, 000 kills

Mission: Kill as many zombies as you can in 1 minute!


  • Gold (200 kills)
  • Silver (50 kills
  • Bronze (20 kills)


  • Gold: $60,000
  • Silver: $30,000
  • Bronze: $15,000


  • All of the zombies that appear in this challenge will be gas zombies.
  • The Blast Frequency Gun works well on this challenge due to its ability to pierce through multiple zombies and kill gas zombies instantly, or alternatively and for greater effect you can upgrade to the laser gun allowing you to stay on top of the helicopter platform while still killing as many gas zombies as possible.
  • Although it is the last unlocked Sandbox Challenge, it is one of the easier ones due to the ability to complete it using a B.F.G. in a minimal amount of time.