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"If you think I'm tough now, you should see me when they don't have my size!"
—Rosa, joking when rescued

Rosa Collins is a survivor that is shopping in the Royal Flush Plaza in Dead Rising 2 during the unannounced mission Shopping Spree.

Shopping Spree[]

Rosa is found talking with Bessie and Erica, in Kathy's Space in Royal Flush Plaza after 8 am on day 2. She and her friends take advantage of the outbreak and are shopping in the line-less stores when they are found by Chuck. They claim that there is a sale and they are not leaving without their box of shoes, which Chuck must carry.


  • Rosa shares a similar character model with Gemini Vargas, except that her dress is a different color and her face has different features.
  • Gemini wore black arm gloves, and since the character model is used for Rosa, the arm gloves have been changed to the color of Rosa's skin, as if she was not wearing gloves. But looking at Rosa's picture, one can see that the gloves are still there, just blended in with the skin.
  • Rosa, along with Bessie and Erica, does not appear in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
  • Rosa has the same necklace as Jessica Howe, only Rosa's is purple rather than blue.
  • Rosa will not defect if Bessie or Erica die.
    • But she will attack and verbally insult Chuck if he kills one of them.