Roto Killer
Roto Killer
Type Combo Weapon
Combine Grass Trimmer + Blade
Location Garrison Peace Park

The Roto Killer is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 4.

It resembles the Weed Tendonizer from Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. The blueprints can be found on a picnic table in the Garrison Peace Park in Old Town. To make the weapon, combine a grass trimmer with any bladed weapon.

There is also a golden Roto Killer which is unlocked by playing multiplayer. Simply combine the Roto Killer with a gold bar. The trial Making (Zombie) Chum requires 100 zombie kills using the Roto Killer.



  • The golden Roto Killer is one of the strongest and most deadliest close range weapons available while playing multiplayer. Even while Frank is idle and standing still, the Roto Killer will still kill regular zombies instantly. It is also effective against Fresh Zombies, Evo Zombies, human enemies and bosses. It has extreme durability and will also last a long period of time.


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