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Roy's Mart (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Roy's Mart
Store Number R109
Location Royal Flush Plaza
Survivor(s) Denyce Calloway
Mission(s) Zombrex 1
"At Roy's Mart, we've got all that and more! Now with our fully stocked, on site pharmacy, you have even more reasons to come to Roy's Mart for all your needs."
—Fortune City map description

Roy's Mart is a pharmacy located in the Royal Flush Plaza in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

During Zombrex 1, looters have taken over the store and attack Chuck as they hold a woman, Denyce Calloway, hostage. The first dose of Zombrex is located in the storeroom in the back. The key to unlock it is found on the corpse of one of the looters; Chuck discovers it directly after defeating the trio.

The Lab Suit that Chuck is asked to find in Overtime is also located here.







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