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"Thanks, Friend. I knew I liked you the moment I saw you."
—Royce, after the player gives him $5000

Royce St. John is a survivor in Dead Rising 2 during the mission Two's Company. He is found in Hot Excitorama arguing with Walter Morris.

He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role, though he is found in From Fortune With Love in Uranus Zone.

Two's Company[]

Main article: Two's Company

Royce St. John and his pal Walter Morris are holed up in Hot Excitorama where the two wanted to perform stand-up comedy but the zombie outbreak in Fortune City demolished their chances. He will not leave the club until a decision is declared on who is funnier, either him or Walter.

If Chuck gives him the trophy, both he and Walter will follow him. However, if Chuck gives Walter the trophy, Royce will demand for $5,000 before he will go anywhere. Once both Royce has been satisfied, he will follow Chuck to the Safe House.

Sandbox Mode[]

Royce is one of the crazed survivors Frank can fight in Sandbox Mode. He will spawn in Uranus Zone with a broadsword. Once defeated he drops his weapon and $10,000.


  • Royce model in Case Zero

    A man who is feasted upon in a 7pm cutscene in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero shares similar features to Royce St. John, despite having noticeable changes such as darker shoes, absence of sunglasses, fully-buttoned up shirt and no dog tags The game files identifies the dead corpse as Royce.[1]
  • Royce St. John shares the same character model as two unnamed spectators who flee the Arena during the outbreak when Chuck pries the elevator doors open.

Dead rising unknown victim of zombie jock.jpg Dead rising unknown victim of zombie jock shoes.jpg

  • In Dead Rising 2, a man who shares the same character model as Royce can be seen in a cutscene at 7pm on the first day. A man is lying on the street, dead, as a zombie begins eating his body.
  • A third man sharing a re-colored model of Royce is killed in the elevator cutscene by the Zombie Jock, wearing a red plaid shirt and yellow shoes.
  • Royce St. John will not give Chuck or Frank the Comedy Trophy back after it is in Royce's possession.


  • Royce refers to Walter as "Grandpa", "Old Man", and "Old Comedian", despite their age difference only being 4 years apart.



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