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Rule #1 is a single-player Sandbox Challenge in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Location: Americana Casino, near entrance to Arena.

Prerequisites: 1,500 kills.

Mission: Get to the ledge as fast as you can.


  • Gold (1:00)
  • Silver (1:40)
  • Bronze (2:00)


  • Gold: $14,000
  • Silver: $10,000
  • Bronze: $6,000


  • The quickstep drink is very useful for this challenge if the player wants to achieve the Gold medal. Run fast, avoid zombies, jump carefully. However, Quickstep will make the jumps between the light fixtures considerably trickier.
  • Another option instead of using quickstep is to construct a Super Slicer, and use its alternative attack to plow through any zombies in the way. The player can then jump from light to light in the usual way.


  • The name of this challenge is a reference to the movie Zombie Land as it's co-op equivalent is "Cardio". In the movie Zombie Land rule #1 for surviving a zombie apocalypse is Cardio, in other words "Rule #1: Cardio".
  • The co-op equivalent of this is Cardio