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Rumble in the Jungle is a Sandbox Mode challenge in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

The goal is to kill as many zombies as the player can in 20 seconds. It is suggested to throw explosives from high vantage points to quickly get kills.[1]

Rumble in the Jungle is one of three challenges which will have a leader board.[2][3]

Location: Yucatan Casino

Prerequisites: 500 kills

Mission: Kill as many zombies as you can in 20 seconds!


  • Gold (50 kills)
  • Silver (30 kills)
  • Bronze (10 kills)


  • Gold: $30,000
  • Silver: $10,000
  • ​Bronze: $3,000


  • The Super B.F.G. is the best choice for this challenge. Because of its wide range and destructive powers, it is capable of killing the necessary amount of zombies under the very strict time constraint. The Super BFG's blast will also pass through the slot machines in the area, netting extra zombie kills.
    • In the Xbox One version of Off the Record, the Super BFG doesn't have the same physics as it did in the Xbox 360 version. It is now much more difficult for the Super BFG to pass through objects, and the attack wave does not carry as far. The Super BFG is still the most effective method for this challenge, but having a spare gun is recommended.
  • Other ways of getting the gold medal include using the Rocket Launcher weapon or using Queens.
  • Using a ranged weapon such as the Hail Mary or Blambow, if used strategically, will kill a large group of zombies very quickly.



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