Run Like the Wind
Run Like the Wind
Store Number W201
Location Wonderland Plaza
Survivor(s) Tonya Waters
Ross Folk
Scoop(s) Lovers
Dead Rising
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Dead rising Run Like the Wind PANORAMA
"Casual and sporty, our shoes let you run like a fresh breeze blowing through the concrete jungle of modern urban life."
—Willamette Parkview Mall Map

Run Like The Wind is a shoe store on the second floor of Wonderland Plaza in Dead Rising.

Tonya Waters and Ross Folk are found here after Day 2, September 20, 7:00 am, in the scoop Lovers. Several outfits are available for Frank to wear in this store.




  • The store is relatively safe for survivors, being that you can set a waypoint in the far back of the store where the zombies will not notice them.
  • The maximum clothing in any store is five pieces of clothing, there are four stores with five pieces of clothing. Other than Run Like the Wind, the other three stores are Jason Wayne's Sporting Goods, Eyes Like Us (glasses), and Universe Of Optics (glasses).


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