Ryan (Dead Rising 3)
Ryan in Last Agent
Location Dead Rising 3
Fallen Angel
South Bridge

The Last Agent
South Almuda

PP 20,000 PP (Fallen Angel)

10,000 PP (The Last Agent)

Ryan is a stranded survivor in Dead Rising 3.

Ryan is found in northern Ingleton, right off of the North Bridge during Chapter 4. He is standing on the top of a car, surrounded by prison zombies. Because prison zombies are tougher than regular zombies, rescuing Ryan is a priority before he gets overwhelmed. Once rescued, he will leave to go to a safer place.

In the Fallen Angel DLC, Ryan is found tied up with Keith and Jeremy outside of Wrench-O-Rama in Ingleton. After Angel saves them from execution, she can untie the group and receive 20,000 PP. Ryan is found again tied up on the South Bridge with Vicki and Jack. Save the group from execution for another 20,000 PP reward.

In The Last Agent DLC, he can be found on top of a car in front of Speedy's G Spot. Saving him is required for the Sworn to Protect achievement.


  • He shares a character model with Bob and Kaliyan.


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