Sandra Maniac DR4

"Queen" Sandra is a Maniac in Dead Rising 4.

She is a woman dressed in a suit of armor who lurks in the medieval town section of the mall, along with several other "knights". Her weapon is a Flaming Sword. She is the first maniac in the game, and the only one required to fight in order to progress with the story.

Frank West encounters Sandra when he tries to gain access to Medieval Town for the first time. The gate is closed and guarded by her followers, and they taunt Frank, intending to steer him off. However, Frank taunts them back, enraging them to the point that they open the locked gate. After defeating some of her followers, Frank can defeat Sandra herself on the other side of Medieval Town. After she is killed, Frank can pick up the Flaming Sword.  

Trivia Edit

  • Sandra is the only Maniac to have both hostile survivors and her own personal followers.
  • She also has the most followers with a total of 12 enemies for Frank to fight besides her. She has 6 knights, 4 archers, and 2 hostiles.
    • For some reason, one of the hostile survivors are bugged. They'll throw a single Molotov, but the game won't spawn them a new one and they aren't programmed to manually hunt Frank.
  • Despite wearing heavy armor, Sandra is just as quick as any other maniac.
  • The July 2017 patch has made her a lot tougher, as she has more health (or takes reduced damage) and cannot be stun locked with Frank's kick attack. For some reason, she's the only boss to receive this buff.
  • It's possible to kill Queen Sandra with the MowerHawg. If one takes this route, be aware that she can still attack you and it's very easy to accidentally run down and destroy her Flaming Sword.
  • Queen Sandra only has one unique line of dialog - "Kill him already!" All of her other lines are recycled from standard (female) hostile survivors.
  • She has a lot of Similarities to Sibyle:
    • Both use their real name rather than an alias.
    • Both require Frank to go through a gauntlet of followers to reach them.
    • Both wield medieval weapons with elemental effects.
    • Both only have one unique line of dialog in which they voice a desire to see Frank die.
  • Queen Sandra is the only Maniac that Frank meets without Paula's Help.
  • In Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package, her battle theme is Diego Martinez's psycho theme from Dead Rising 3.
  • In the fan improvement update, Sandra carries a Flaming Shield rather than the Flaming Sword.


Credit to Xbox Live user GOSEIRED for high quality screenshot.

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