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Sarah Stayer is a character that was removed from the final version of Dead Rising 2, for unknown reasons. Her model and name only exist within the game's files. Aside from the fact that she seems to be injured, nothing else is known about her. Sarah is a survivor she was involved in Mission but it was scrapped. Chuck had to escort her to the Safe House Bunker and had to carry her because she is injured.


  • In the PC file items.txt the character's model is named srv_lance2.
  • She shares the same head model with Luz Palmer.
  • Sarah's voice type is 127, which no other survivor uses.
  • There is a mission in missions.txt named Z_RSTAYER. Attempting to enter this mission in debug mode crashes the game.
  • Judging by Sarah's low health, it's likely that she was a scrapped arena victim.


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