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The Secure Laboratory is a section of the Phenotrans Facility in Dead Rising 2: Case West. It is the classified section of the Phenotrans Facility, granting access to only top personnel. Information about the lab on the map is classified.

Map DescriptionEdit

This information is classified. Please see the Director for access to classified materials.

Secure Lab ObservatoryEdit

Dead rising 2 CASE WEST map (8)

The observatory is on the second floor of the facility, overseeing the main space of the Secure Laboratory. There are several workstations, a lounge, computers, chemical dispensers, and other machines used for scientific research. The observatory leads to Marian Mallon's office, where she resides as the Phenotrans Director.

Director's OfficeEdit

Dead rising 2 CASE WEST map (36)

The Director's Office is the office for the Phenotrans Director, Marian Mallon. She has a desk with several computers with a few bookcases filled with research material. Also in the office are several framed newspapers, a comfortable couch with a painted portrait of the Director hanging on the wall, another portrait of Marian with several plaques and awards, and a fireplace with photos on the wall. There is also a wall of computers, containing files and information on various test subjects, including prisoners, homeless persons, and people kidnapped from their homes who are now missing persons.

In Case 2-2: Infiltration, as Chuck and Frank leave the Director's Office, the alarm is triggered and they are apprehended by two Hazard Units armed with Impact Hammers. They defeat the pair of security troops in order to leave the observatory and head back to the Shipping Office to contact Frank's source, Isabela Keyes.


Phenotrans MapEdit

First Floor

Dead rising 2 CASE WEST map FIRST FLOOR labeled

Second Floor

Dead rising 2 CASE WEST map second floor
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