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The Security Box Keys are items which can be collected in the regular 72 Hour Mode exclusively in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. They can be found throughout Fortune City. The PC game files list 19 security box keys.[1]

The security box keys can be used with the corresponding boxes in the Fortune City Bank (U109) in Uranus Zone.[2]


There are 20 security boxes in the game. Video showing all security boxes being opened.

Number Area and Store Location description Reward
Dead rising off the record security box 001
001 Royal Flush Plaza At the hallway entrance to Royal Flush Plaza, on the floor next to some cash.[3] $50,000 video
SecurityBox009 009 Atlantica Casino Security office $25,000 video
SecurityBox015 015 Underground Tunnels On a train, near Secret Lab entrance (between Silver Strip and Palisades Mall exits) $50,000 video
SecurityBox040 040 Palisades Mall Behind the bar in the Grotto. $100,000 video
Dead rising off the record security box 44 americana casino 044 Americana Casino Atop one of the large orange lights, reached by the balcony on Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack[3] $100 video
SecurityBox045 045 Palisades Mall On a Gambling Machine $50,000 + 1 Handgun video
SecurityBox052 052 Fortune City Arena Near "Frank's bio" poster. $100,000 video
SecurityBox083 083 Americana Casino In the Safe Room (inaccessible until Case 3-2: Run for the Money) 1 Gems video
SecurityBox097 097 Fortune City Arena In the Security Office $100,000 video
SecurityBox112 112 Palisades Mall in Trendy Cindy In the back of the store behind the register. 3 Remote Mines. video
SecurityBox145 145 Royal Flush Plaza, TuneMakers (R105) Inside the store's maintenance room. Magazine Bargaining 2* video
SecurityBox185 185 Fortune Park Near Uranus Zone entrance, to the right. $10,000 video
SecurityBox203 203 Royal Flush Plaza, Albert's Apparel (R201) On overhang above entrance to Albert's Apparel (R201), climb phone booth outside Players (R213). $50,000 video
SecurityBox304 304 Fortune Park On the platform in front of the Fortune City Hotel Magazine Gambling 3* video
SecurityBox329 329 Underground Tunnels In the middle tunnel crossing. $100,000 video
SecurityBox666 666 Royal Flush Plaza, Sturdy Package (R119) Behind counter[4] $50,000 video
SecurityBox673 673 Fortune City Hotel In front of doorway to South Plaza. Near the exit as you follow the reporter to the central security room during Case 1-2: Alive on Location.[4] Zombrex, Gems video
SecurityBox690 690 Hot Excitorama Behind the counter on a magazine rack. 50,000 dollars and a massager. video
Securitybox764 764 Uranus Zone Break Room Six Shooter* video
SecurityBox999 999 Atlantica Casino, Fortune Park exit In the fountain near exit to Fortune Park $25,000 and a Zombrex video
  • Magazines and Six Shooter will respawn if player returns to Uranus Zone without those items in inventory.


Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - Security Box Locations
Security Boxes Locations



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