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"This fortified structure is the base of all security operations. Lockers are available for all security personnel upon arrival at the facility. Personal belongings are your own responsibility!"
—Phenotrans Facility Map

The Security Outpost is a location within the Holding Pens of the Phenotrans Facility in Dead Rising 2: Case West.

The outpost consists of an office with workstations for personnel to monitor all activities in the facility. It serves as the base of operations for security, allowing them to communicate to other offices, labs, and important locations. The outpost also consists of a lounge and two locker rooms for guards to store personal belongings.

This security office is usually patrolled by two Security Guards and later after an alarm in the Director's office, a Hazard Unit. This office is where Frank and Chuck must input codes into the computer in order for Frank's source to download information about Phenotrans during Case 1-2: Access Codes.






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