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Security Room
Security room
Survivor(s) Brad Garrison
Jessica McCarney
Otis Washington
All rescued survivors
Scoop(s) Case 1-4: A Temporary Agreement
Case 2-1: Image in the Monitor
Case 2-3: Medicine Run
Case 3-1: The Professor's Past
Case 4-1: Another Source
Case 5-2: Transporting Isabela
Case 6-1: Santa Cabeza
Case 7-1: The Last Resort
Case 8-1: Jamming Device
Case 8-3: Jessie's Discovery
Ronald's Appetite
Floyd the Sommelier
Kindell's Betrayal
Paul's Present
Cheryl's Request
Simone the Gunslinger
Dead Rising
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The Security Room is a set of smaller rooms in Dead Rising. It is located in the Entrance Plaza, but after the door is welded shut, it can only be accessed through the air vent on the rooftop of Paradise Plaza.

For most of the game, this area is a safe house where Frank can return survivors and get a temporary respite from the zombies in the mall. It is eventually compromised and zombies can enter it, as is evident in Ending A, Ending B and Ending E, and Overtime Mode.

This is where Frank West first meets janitor Otis Washington, and Department of Homeland Security agents Jessie McCarney and Brad Garrison, at the beginning of the game, after the zombie breach.

All rescued survivors, escorted to the security room by Frank, are held here, awaiting rescue. At the beginning of the game, all the secondary rooms are empty and devoid of any useful items.[1]



Dead rising achievment clothes paper bag
All of the achievement outfits (in Willamette Parkview Mall bags) and downloadable outfits (in the 12 blue lockers) are found here.
Clothing Achievement
Ammo Belt Perfect Gunner
Arthur's Boxers 7 Day Survivor
Cop Hat Saint
Hockey Mask PP Collector
Mall Employee Uniform Transmissionary
Mega Man Boots Unbreakable
Mega Man Torso Punisher
Clothing Achievement
Prisoner Outfit Carjacker
Pro Wrestling Boots Item Smasher
Pro Wrestling Briefs Karate Champ
Special Forces Boots Legendary Soldier
Special Forces Uniform Hella Copter
White Hat Census Taker
Downloadable Outfits
Accountant Outfit
Burgundy Wine Outfit
Burgundy Wine Outfit
Casual Outfit
Cold Hearted Snake Outfit
Grandpa Outfit
Downloadable Outfits
Man in Black Outfit
Miami Nights Outfit
Pink Paparazzi Outfit
Pure White Outfit
Round Shades Outfit
Strike Outfit
Weekender Outfit


Dead rising real mega buster location

The Laser Sword after completing the 5 Day Survivor achievement and the Real Mega Buster after completing the Zombie Genocider achievement are also found in the security room.

After completing Paul's Present, the Molotov Cocktail is also in the security room.

All weapons respawn when Frank returns to the security room.

Overtime Mode ItemEdit


Dead rising s136 02 safe house room colors

All of the room floor colors in a model.

Dead rising secruity room

The yellow and pink doors

Dead rising security room

The blue door, room with the Ronald's Appetite mutiny, and the green door, room with Kindell's Betrayal mutiny.

When Frank rescues a survivor, they stay in the security room's four secondary rooms. The exception is Greg Simpson, who stands next to Otis near the vent to the rooftop.[2]

Below are all of the 48 rescuable survivors in the order they can be rescued. Click the arrow to sort by door color.[3][4][5]

Name Scoop Door color
Dead rising jeff Jeff Meyer Love Lasts A Lifetime Green
Dead rising natalie Natalie Meyer Love Lasts A Lifetime Green
Dead rising bill Bill Brenton Man In A Bind Blue
Dead rising aaron Aaron Swoop Barricade Pair Blue
Dead rising burt Burt Thompson Barricade Pair Blue
Dead rising leah Leah Stein A Mother's Lament Green
Dead rising sophie Sophie Richards Prisoners Blue
Dead rising greg Greg Simpson Out of Control With Otis
Dead rising yuu Yuu Tanaka Japanese Tourists Red
Dead rising shinji Shinji Kitano Japanese Tourists Red
Dead rising david David Bailey Shadow Of The North Plaza Red
Dead rising tonya Tonya Waters Lovers Yellow
Dead rising ross Ross Folk Lovers Yellow
Dead rising josh Josh Manning The Hatchet Man Green
Dead rising barbara Barbara Patterson The Hatchet Man Green
Dead rising rich Rich Atkins The Hatchet Man Green
Dead rising gordon Gordon Stalworth The Coward Green
Dead rising ronald Ronald Shiner Restaurant Man Blue
Dead rising heather Heather Tompkins Twin Sisters Blue
Dead rising pamela Pamela Tompkins Twin Sisters Blue
Dead rising janet Janet Star Above the Law Red
Dead rising kay Kay Nelson Above the Law Red
Dead rising kelly Kelly Carpenter Above the Law Red
Dead rising lilly Lilly Deacon Above the Law Red
Dead rising jennifer Jennifer Gorman The Cult Green
Dead rising sally Sally Mills Hanging by a Thread Yellow
Dead rising nick Nick Evans Hanging by a Thread Yellow
Dead rising wayne Wayne Blackwell Mark Of The Sniper Green
Dead rising jolie Jolie Wu The Woman Who Didn't Make It Yellow
Dead rising rachel Rachel Decker The Woman Who Didn't Make It Yellow
Dead rising floyd Floyd Sanders Antique Lover Yellow
Dead rising gil Gil Jimenez The Drunkard Green
Dead rising beth Beth Shrake A Strange Group Blue
Dead rising cheryl Cheryl Jones A Strange Group Blue
Dead rising michelle Michelle Feltz A Strange Group Blue
Dead rising nathan Nathan Crabbe A Strange Group Blue
Dead rising ray Ray Mathison A Strange Group Blue
Dead rising kindell Kindell Johnson Dressed For Action Green
Dead rising alyssa Alyssa Laurent Gun Shop Standoff Red
Dead rising brett Brett Styles Gun Shop Standoff Red
Dead rising jonathan Jonathan Picardsen Gun Shop Standoff Red
Dead rising mindy Mindy Baker Long Haired Punk Yellow
Dead rising debbie Debbie Willett Long Haired Punk Yellow
Dead rising paul Paul Carson Long Haired Punk Yellow
Dead rising leroy Leroy McKenna A Sick Man Red
Dead rising susan Susan Walsh The Woman Left Behind Yellow
Dead rising tad Tad Hawthorne Photographer's Pride Red
Dead rising simone Simone Ravendark A Woman in Despair Yellow

Prestige point stickerEdit

Dead rising pp office board

There is a prestige point sticker on the bulletin board above the green couch save point.


Several of the cases involve the security room. The last five scoops involve survivors in the security room.

Case/Scoop Time Description
Introduction Frank West arrives at the heliport by Ed DeLuca's helicopter, and passes through the empty Security Room on his way to the Entrance Plaza. Later, after the zombies infiltrate the Entrance Plaza, Frank returns to the Security Room for shelter, where he first encounters Brad Garrison and Jessie McCarney, both DHS agents, as well as Otis Washington, a janitor employed at the mall. Otis welds the door to the Entrance Plaza shut.
Case 2-1: Image in the Monitor September 20, 6:00am Jessie spots Carlito Keyes dragging Dr. Barnaby out of the bookstore on the monitors in the Security Room. Brad exclaims that if Carlito carries out whatever he plans on doing with the professor, they may never know what's going on. He heads out to rescue him, with Frank deciding to follow him for the story.
Case 2-3: Medicine Run After Brad Garrison is shot by Carlito Keyes in Case 2-2: Rescue the Professor, Jessie tends to the injured Brad. She tells Frank that Brad is running a fever from an infected wound, and he needs medicine. Brad remains here on the couch until Frank returns with medicine.
Case 3-1: The Professor's Past September 20, 11:00 am Brad's condition stabilizes after Frank brings back the medicine. Frank tells Jessie that while getting the medicine from the pharmacy, he saved a girl who mentioned Santa Cabeza. Dr. Barnaby overhears them and says that he thought Santa Cabeza was over and done with. Jessie attempts to get him to tell the truth, but he spots Frank and his camera and refuses to speak. Frank says that he will have to get his information from another source.
Case 4-1: Another Source September 20, 3:00pm Isabela Keyes is caught on surveillance video riding a motorcycle in the North Plaza. She dismounts and walks into Seon's Food & Stuff.
Case 5-2: Transporting Isabela Frank comes across an injured Isabela in the North Plaza and must carry Isabela back to the security room. Upon reaching the security room, Frank explains to Brad and Jessie that Isabela is Carlito's sister. Brad pushes for more information on who Carlito is and what his plans are, but Frank says he has no idea. Instead, they decide to question Isabela when she wakes up.
Case 6-1: Santa Cabeza September 21, 3:00am Dr. Barnaby becomes a zombie and is shot and killed.

Isabela awakes, and Brad interrogates her. Isabela insists that there was no drug trade in her hometown Santa Cabeza, and explains to Frank and Brad the true story of what occurred in Santa Cabeza. There was an American Research Facility in Santa Cabeza that was directed by Dr. Barnaby. This facility carried out experiments with a wasp that was able to stimulate the appetite of cattle. One day the wasps escaped from the lab and started a zombie outbreak. The US army came for clean up and killed everyone, zombies and humans; apparently the only survivors were Dr. Barnaby, Isabela and her brother Carlito. Several years later, Carlito released the wasp in Willamette to take revenge on the Americans that destroyed his town, and for everyone to know the truth about Santa Cabeza.

While Isabela is relating her story, Dr. Barnaby starts zombifying and attacks Jessie. After struggling a bit, Brad successfully pulls Jessie away. Dr. Barnaby dies after explaining the details of the Santa Cabeza incident. After succumbing to the parasite, Dr. Barnaby reanimates as a zombie and is shot by Brad.

Case 7-1: The Last Resort September 21, 11:00am Carlito announces on the intercom system to Isabela, first pleading for her to come back then deciding that he is going to "end it all." After Frank arrives at the Security Room, Isabela explains Carlito's last resort - he is going to blow up the mall and send parasitic larvae into the atmosphere, spreading the virus all over the country. The only chance to stop the explosion is by removing the bombs in the maintenance tunnels while the gas concentration is still low.
Case 8-1: Jamming Device September 21, 5:00pm After Frank and Brad take care of the bombs, Jessie cheerfully assumes that as soon as Brad captures the terrorist behind the outbreak, it will all be over. Frank confronts Isabela and questions her about her brother's plans, and she suggests they check out his computer in their hideout.
Jessie's Discovery Jessie shows Frank what she found in the surveillance feed - an obese man is seen dragging Carlito towards the meat processing area in the maintenance tunnels beneath the North Plaza.
Paul's Present Paul gives Frank the Molotov Cocktail
Ronald's Appetite Ronald's mutiny
Simone The Gunslinger Simone wants a gun
Cheryl's Request Cheryl wants photographs taken
Kindell's Betrayal Kindell's mutiny
Memories Jessie McCarney becomes a zombie and attacks a Special Forces solider.

After Frank and Isabela take care of the signal-jamming device, Jessie is able to contact DHS headquarters via an emergency line. She tells them about the Willamette incident. She later calls Frank in a distraught state, telling him that the government has decided to deny everything that has happened. Special Forces soldiers will arrive at midnight to a clean up operation and eradicate all zombies and survivors.

Later, a Special Forces soldier confronts Jessie about the situation, and offers her a chance - if she signs an agreement not to tell anybody about what has happened, she will be taken into custody and will be free to go.

A second Special Forces soldier guarding the door to the office then hears suspicious noises coming from inside. He investigates and finds a zombified Jessie tearing out the throat of the first soldier. Zombie Jessie can then be found in the Security Room, and all the previously rescued survivors will have disappeared.

A note from Otis found in the Security Room indicates that while Frank was out, the Special Forces arrived via the heliport and started capturing the survivors in the Security Room. He took advantage of the situation and stole a helicopter to escape, though he was unable to find Jessie in the confusion. He adds that he hopes Frank doesn't think he is a coward, and that he owes Frank a drink if they meet on the other side.

Overtime Mode Frank returns to the Security Room for a final time to pick up the coffee filters, a key ingredient in the zombification suppressant that Isabela is trying to synthesize.


Vent RoomEdit

This is the room that contains the vent leading to the rooftop of Paradise Plaza. It also has an exit to Entrance Plaza, although it is welded shut by Otis Washington. The unlocked clothing and weapons can be found in paper bags in this room. Greg Simpson will remain in this room after being rescued.


This is the main area of the Security Room where cases take place. It contains numerous security cameras that allow Frank, Brad, Jessie, and Otis to observe various locations in the mall. It also contains a green couch for the survivors to rest in when they are tired or injured.

Main AreaEdit

This area leads to the side rooms where the survivors remain. It also contains a staircase that leads up to the heliport. A green couch that can be used to save the game is found in this room. It also contains a Prestige Points sticker and the default clothing.

Side RoomsEdit

After Frank has rescued the survivors stranded in the mall, they will remain in the side rooms of the Security Room. Depending on which rooms they are in, they may be lost in the mutiny scoops Ronald's Appetite and Kindell's Betrayal.

Infinity Mode Edit

The following survivors will appear here at the following times, armed with the following weapons.


The security room is accessed from Paradise Plaza.
Entrance PlazaThe Sinister ReadWallington'sSpringtree JewelsWomen's LibNed's KnicknackerySpecial GiftsShootingstar Sporting GoodsKicks For HerModern BusinessmanEstelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics (Entrance Plaza)Kathy's BoutiqueOutta SightIn The ClosetThe ShoehornLadies' SpaceEmerald'sRobsaka DigitalJamming JuvenileSecurity RoomDead rising Security-Room
About this image
  • Although the Security Room is physically part of Entrance Plaza, it is considered part of Paradise Plaza. This is because the only entrance in the majority of the game is through the air ducts to the rooftop of Paradise Plaza. There is no entrance from the Security Room to the second floor of the Entrance Plaza from the beginning of the game when Otis Washington welds the door shut until the last two hours of 72 Hour Mode.
  • At 10:00pm, the moment when the lights go off in the mall, many of the survivors will sit down putting their heads between their legs. They don't actually go to sleep though, as their eyes are still open. All of the survivors simultaneously stand up at 5:00am.
  • Description on the map page: Only authorized Personnel Admitted.
Dead rising sticker
Dead rising security room sticker on safe
Dead rising 2 case west security outpost
Dead rising 2 case west security outpost (3)

Dead rising Security Room scroll stage 8 s808 east area south area

In the files the colored rooms have East, West, North, South on the colored doors.


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