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The Security Tower is a location within the Holding Pens of the Phenotrans Facility in Dead Rising 2: Case West.

The Security Tower stands center in the Holding Pens and is occupied by several guards. Inside are various weapons, including Security AR, shotguns, handguns, riot gear, as well as rations and heavy rations. The tower is used in case of emergencies concerning zombies and the Security Guards will need to gear and arm up in order to take control of the situation

Survivor Lisa Hersey, a scientist employed by Phenotrans, fled to this tower for refuge, but decided to flee to the Living Quarters instead, leaving behind a crumpled note stating her whereabouts.

Map DescriptionEdit

All heavy artillery is stored in this fortified tower. In case of a livestock-related emergency the commanding officer may ask security personnel to report to this tower to regain control.





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