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Servbot Helmet
Type Helmet
Awesomeness 4
Strength Low
Health 300
Durability Soft
Location Fiefdom Meat Supplies
Paradise Platinum Theatre
Ye Olde Toybox
Central Gifts
Survivor Weapon Yes
Fits in Inventory Yes
For the clothing, see Servbot Helmet (Clothing).

The Servbot Helmet is a weapon in Dead Rising 3.

This is the helmet used as a weapon and for combination purposes, not the wearable Servbot helmet that Nick can get in his wardrobe.


  • Attack 1: Press X to swing the weapon.
  • Attack 2: Press Ybutton to put the helmet on a zombie to blind it.
  • Attack 3: Hold Ybutton to perform a ground attack.
  • Throw: Press Righttrigger to throw the weapon.
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