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Shampoo (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Shampoo
Type Melee
Damage 0 (Primary)
25 (Secondary)
2 (Thrown)
Uses 3 hits
Location Seon's Food & Stuff
Dead Rising
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Shampoo is a weapon in Dead Rising. It can only be found in Seon's Food & Stuff in 72 Hour Mode.

Frank can shove the shampoo bottle into a zombie's mouth, making them unable to attack Frank. They will then walk around in circles.


  • Primary: Tap the 360 X button button to shove the shampoo into a zombie's mouth. A zombie cannot attack Frank when this has happened.
  • Secondary: Hold down the 360 X button button to swing the shampoo.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Righttrigger trigger to go into aim mode then press the 360 X button button to throw the shampoo.


  • There are three different bottle designs for the shampoo.
Dead rising Shampoo Dead rising shampoo (4) Dead rising shampoo (2)
Peach Red Light blue


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