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"The top choice for hunting enthusiasts from around the country, Shank's is on the cutting edge of knife technology."
—Fortune City map description

Shanks is a store located on the first floor of the Palisades Mall of in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It deals in knives and swords. Chuck can also get a shaved head or a mohawk here. The mission Welcome to the Family takes place in this store.






  • Shank's is almost identical to Ripper's Blades, a store in the Willamette Parkview Mall in Dead Rising.
  • Johnny Pipes talks in detail about this store in the Tape it or Die Blog. He reveals that there is another Shanks in New York:
    • "You go to [Shanks] when you want the best in Serbian knife manship. (The Serbs make the best blades, if you weren't aware.) Like, look at this one."
    • "The owner called this bowie knife "Davolje Jeziku." That's Serbian for "The Devil's Tongue." Wonderful knife! Good weight! Near-full tang! Very sharp! (I was able to make a cut in my thumb with almost no pressure! Didn't even feel a thing!) Hell, it even tastes good. You can tell it's mostly carbon steel, as expected. But I detect the tiniest amount of silver. Interesting choice! Maybe it helps prevent rust?...Not cheap. $350. Still, good weapons are worth the money."[1]
  • The store name is spelled "Shank's" on the map screen and in the store description.



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