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Shanks (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Shanks (Dead Rising 2)
Store Number P107
Location Palisades Mall
Survivor(s) Jack Ellis
Kenneth Walsh
Mission(s) Welcome to the Family
"The top choice for hunting enthusiasts from around the country, Shank's is on the cutting edge of knife technology."
—Fortune City map description

Shanks is a store located on the first floor of the Palisades Mall of in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It deals in knives and swords. Chuck can also get a shaved head or a mohawk here. The mission Welcome to the Family takes place in this store.






  • Shank's is almost identical to Ripper's Blades, a store in the Willamette Parkview Mall in Dead Rising.
  • Johnny Pipes talks in detail about this store in the Tape it or Die Blog. He reveals that there is another Shanks in New York:
    • "You go to [Shanks] when you want the best in Serbian knife manship. (The Serbs make the best blades, if you weren't aware.) Like, look at this one."
    • "The owner called this bowie knife "Davolje Jeziku." That's Serbian for "The Devil's Tongue." Wonderful knife! Good weight! Near-full tang! Very sharp! (I was able to make a cut in my thumb with almost no pressure! Didn't even feel a thing!) Hell, it even tastes good. You can tell it's mostly carbon steel, as expected. But I detect the tiniest amount of silver. Interesting choice! Maybe it helps prevent rust?...Not cheap. $350. Still, good weapons are worth the money."[1]
  • The store name is spelled "Shank's" on the map screen and in the store description.



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