Shin (Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun)
Actor Hiroshi Yazaki
Bryan Forrest (English VA)

Shin is a character in Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun, and is George's older brother.

He and George travel over Tokyo to find a safe place to hide from the infected, but due to lack of supplies and being turned down from safe houses, they are forced to seek refuge in a shipping warehouse.


Shin and his brother George are two survivors traveling through zombie-infested Tokyo in search of a safe refuge.

After finding a warehouse to stay in for the night, the brothers are confronted by two thugs, Dan and Dave, who bring them to their master, Takahashi. Takahashi and his gang proceed to beat and rob the brothers.

In an effort to escape, Shin attempts to overpower him, giving George time to flee into hiding. However, after a long fight, this later results in Shin's death. He is shown reanimated as a zombie in the background.


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