Shinji Kitano
Dead rising shinji
Age 34
Notebook Number 32
Notebook Description Japanese Tourist.
Health 5,000
Location Sir Book-a-lot
Lovely Fashion House
Scoop(s) Japanese Tourists
PP 15,000 (Join)

30,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"What kind of journalist would come here for a story? There's clearly something wrong with this man."
—Shinji, conversing with Yuu

Shinji Kitano is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

He is found in Sir Book-a-lot during the scoop Japanese Tourists with his friend Yuu Tanaka. As the name of the scoop suggests, he is a Japanese tourist who does not speak any English.

Japanese TouristsEdit

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Shinji is found in Sir Book-a-lot in Wonderland Plaza with fellow tourist Yuu Tanaka. As they speak no English and Frank speaks no Japanese, they are unable to understand each other at first. However, using a Japanese book, Frank is able to communicate with them in ungrammatical language.

He offers to bring them to a safe place, and after some arguing Yuu and Shinji agree to follow him.

Infinity ModeEdit

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Shinji appears in Colombian Roastmasters at Al Fresca Plaza from 3:07:00 to 3:19:00 and he is unarmed. He also carries YogurtPaint Can, Bucket, Push Broom and Hanger.