Dead rising Shock Dozer
Type Combo Vehicle
Combine Backhoe Loader + Ambulance
Strength Strong (10/10)[1]
Health 5333[2]
Speed Slow

The Shockdozer is a combo vehicle in Dead Rising 3.

It can be created by combining an Ambulance with a Backhoe Loader. It is the largest of all vehicles, the most powerful, and the most durable. It is practically indestructible, and additionally, it can carry Nick and five other passengers. On the other hand, its slow speed and massive size means that it has great difficulty navigating obstacles that other vehicles would have very little trouble with.

On a very minor note, it is also the only combo vehicle that cannot drift, due to having all-wheel brakes.

The blueprints are found near the hospital entrance in Central City.


  • The front loader can be used by tapping Ybutton. Any zombies in front of the vehicle will be instantly sent flying.
  • Holding Ybutton for a short period of time will cause the white lights on the ambulance to flash. When Ybutton is released, a small attack will knock off any zombies clinging to the side of the vehicle.
  • Holding Ybutton for an extended period of time will cause the red lights on the ambulance to activate. When Ybutton is released, a large attack will kill zombies in a larger radius around the vehicle.
  • There is a roof mounted turret that shoots electricity at zombies that can be activated by pressing or holding Template:Xbutton.



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