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The shotgun is a weapon in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

This weapon fires a spray cone of lead pellets, making it lethal at close-quarters, but pitiful at long range. It can be combined with a pitchfork to create the Boomstick in Case Zero and Dead Rising 2.[1]

It is not recommended that players give the survivors shotguns, as more often than not, the friendly AI will end up shooting Chuck as well if he ends up in their line of fire. It is a good firearm against psychopaths.[1]

The shotgun can be found on zombified security guards, particularly in the arena, as well as on the Silver Strip and certain areas of Fortune Park. There is also a couple of shotguns found in the gun store on the second floor of the Palisades Mall.[1]


Dead rising shotgun main.png
  • Main: Tap X button/Square button to fire at a nearby enemy.

  • Ranged: Hold Left trigger/L2 to go into aim mode, then tap X button/Square button or pull Right trigger/R2 to shoot at a manual target.


Case Zero[]

Dead Rising 2[]

Locations in game files[]

Source: items.txt for Dead Rising 2


Zombie crawling towards Chuck after being shot in the leg

Zombie bleeding out after being shot in the arm

  • In Dead Rising 2: Case West, the ammo capacity of the shotgun is reduced by 5.
  • Zombies shot in the arm or leg will bleed out after a few seconds.
  • The shotgun appears to be based on a Mossberg 500 Cruiser with heat shield.
  • When Chuck equips a shotgun, he will pump it immediately.
    • There is a bug that prevents Chuck from pumping his shotgun. However, the pumping sound is still heard. To fix it, just fire it and re-equip it again.
  • In a review for weapons in Dead Rising 2, the shotgun was rated 8 out of 10, compared to the handgun being rated 5 out of 10.[1]



  1. On top of the circular sign
  2. On high steel girders; climb up the speakers on the right
  3. Held by a cop zombie
  4. In the straight stretch of the tunnel near the stairs to the Food Court, held by a cop zombie
  5. Behind the counter before the dancefloor
  6. After the Restroom
  7. Held by a cop zombie on top of the slot machines by the huge Aztec statue
  8. Held by a cop zombie near the hallway to the Green Room
  9. Can be obtained after he is defeated


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