Shots & Awe
Dead rising Shots & Awe (2)
Store Number A102
Location Americana Casino
Survivor(s) None
Mission(s) None
"The fastest bartenders in the west serve up cocktails and shot combos that'll blow your mind. Only weapons of mass consumption need apply to sit at this incredible 360 bar!"
—Fortune City Website

Shots & Awe is a liquor bar found in the Americana Casino of Fortune City in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It is easy to access and grants the player the ability to be able to mix drinks in the blender.



  • Breaking the TV screens results in PP bonuses; breaking them all rewards the player with 10,000 extra PP.
Dead rising 2 shots and awe map
  • Description on the map page: Go big and be seen at Shots and Awe! Our 360 degree panoramic bar experience lets you be the focus and envy in the middle of one [of] the hottest gaming venues in Fortune City.
  • The bars name derives from the phrase 'Shock and Awe', a military term used to describe an overwhelming display of firepower. 


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