Signs of Safety
Signs of Safety
Location Ingleton Motel
Survivor(s) Anna Hong
PP 12,500
"Nick. There's a hot little illegal chick over by the Ingleton Motel. She looks pissed."
Jamie Flynt

Signs of Safety is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

Jamie will call Nick to tell him about a girl hanging out by the Ingleton Motel during Chapter 0.


Nick will find an illegal named Anna at the motel, who is spray painting the wall. She is trying to send a message to other Illegals in the area, but has run out of spray paint. She will ask Nick to bring her three cans of spray paint so that she can finish writing her message. The spray paint cans are in the Lee-Amies Estates B Suites, Dave's Place and Shavey's Garage.[1]

Once Nick brings her three cans of spray paint, she will finish painting her symbol on the wall. Nick is able to use the motel as a safe house after the mission has been completed. Completing this mission rewards 12,500 PP and Anna will join Nick's party. 



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