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"Military flight - this is News Chopper. Be advised there are civilians inside Fortune City. I repeat: there are civilians inside Fortune City. Break off! Break off!"
—The helicopter pilot

Simon Bostwick is a survivor in Dead Rising 2 who comes to rescue the Safe House survivors during Ending S. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Ending S[]

After Sullivan was defeated, Chuck called for a convoy of helicopters to evacuate the survivors at the Safe House. One helicopter, piloted by Simon and Dimitri, picked up Chuck from the Yucatan Casino. They arrived at the bunker as the last rescue chopper. Tamara Stein and Skylar Ali are loaded onto the helicopter and Chuck is forced to stay behind since Stacey Forsythe and his daughter are missing. The pilot yells that they don't have much time, in which Chuck responds to them to leave, in which they do.


Pilot in Sandbox Mode trailer

  • Simon Bostwick looks similar to Dmitri Kazlov because they share the identical character model.
  • In the PC files:
    • The model for both pilots is called crewman in npcs.big.
    • The two pilots are called boss_helicopter_pilot1 and boss_helicopter_pilot2 in items.txt
    • The pilots also appear for the Ending A cutscene, with the two pilots is found in data/cinematics.big/063_ending_a.txt
  • As found from the PC files, the pilot of the plane flying above during The Facts shares the same character model as Dmitri and Simon.
  • The unnamed (and non canon) helicopter pilot in the Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Sandbox Mode shares an identical character model with Simon.[1]