Six Digits?!?
DR2OTR A 033 Six Digits?!?
Description Killed 100,000 zombies. The blood of the undead feeds your power.
Trophy/Points Value 20G

Six Digits?!? is an achievement/trophy in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It is unlocked when the player kills 100,000 zombies. You MUST be the host in order for any of your zombie kills to count for this achievement. When playing online during co-op sandbox challenges, for example, only the host's zombie kills will register for this achievement.

Tip Edit

  • This achievement can only be unlocked in Sandbox Mode and is easiest to achieve by using the SUV or the Slicecycle. Similar to the Zombie Genocide Master achievement in the original Dead Rising 2, you need the Driving magazine, which gives the SUV three times more durability. If you are using the Slicecycle, you will want the Bikes magazine Magazine.
    • The Driving Magazine can be found on the edge of the Paradise Platinum Screens theater. Climb the snack machine next to the Fortune City Emergency Shelter, then make your way towards the theater by jumping from roof to roof.
    • The Bikes magazine is found in the Underground. Enter the Underground near the Yucatan Casino. On the right of the entrance (near all of the carts) is a pile of cardboard boxes. Climb these boxes and find the magazine here.  
  • With the vehicle of your choice, go and activate the Extreme Off Road Challenge on the Silver Strip. You can get up to 600 kills without ever leaving the Silver Strip, as zombies will re-spawn every time you start the challenge. Getting at least 400 kills also gets you $40,000. You can repeat this until the Slicecycle or SUV gets destroyed. Simply leave the area and return to be able to re-spawn the SUV or Bike.
  • Save very often on the Xbox One port of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record as it is very likely for the game to glitch and freeze. Losing any progress that was made for kills.
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