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The sledge hammer is a weapon in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It is a tool with a large, flat head attached to a handle, with a head made of metal. Due to its large size, the sledgehammer can apply more force than other hammers and distributes force over a wide area. It is commonly used for demolition purposes and nailing rail spikes into the ground. It will often tear off a zombie's arm, leaving a blood-spurting wound.

Sledge hammers can commonly be found in the Underground as well in several casinos and maintenance rooms, including one in the access corridor leading to the Safe House. It can be combined with a fire axe to make a Defiler (or with a battery to make an Electric Crusher in Off the Record). Its durability can be increased with the Building magazine.

A "Test-of-Strength" carnival game can be found at The Man's Sport in the Royal Flush Plaza. If you have a sledge hammer equipped, you can ring the bell and earn a 5,000-PP bonus.


Dead rising sledge hammer main.png
  • Main: Tap X button/Square button to perform a horizontal strike from right to left parallel across Chuck's waist. This instantly kills all zombies it hits.

Dead rising sledge hammer combo.png
  • Combo: Quickly tap X button/Square button again to swing the sledge hammer over his head and left shoulder and swing down towards the right.

Dead rising sledge hammer alternate.png
  • Alternate: Hold X button/Square button to lift the sledge hammer over his head and swing the sledgehammer downward. This attack will award the player 10 prestige points per kill.


Case Zero[]

Dead Rising 2[]

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record[]


  • Unlike its Dead Rising counterpart, the head is black, not red. However, its head turns red with blood after it is used to kill zombies.
  • The attacks are reversed from its Dead Rising counterpart.
  • Dead Rising 2, its two DLC packs, and Off the Record are the only games in the series to spell "sledge hammer" as two separate words. This spelling is technically incorrect.
  • The sledge hammer, because of its availability and destructiveness, is an excellent weapon to give to survivors.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, the sledge hammer on the sidewalk across the street from Uncle Bill's Department Store seems to only appear after Case 0-4: Find Bike Parts starts. When Chuck runs to this area, it is often seen dropping a short distance, making a noticeable clacking sound.