The Sledge Saw is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 3.

It is made by combining a sledgehammer with a cement saw. It is the first combo weapon in the game that Nick receives the blueprints for. Nick quickly makes the sledgesaw so that he and his friends can escape the Dilly Diner during Chapter 0

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Sledge Saw is Dead Rising 3's signature weapon, and is similar to the Paddlesaw of Dead Rising 2.
  • The Sledge Saw was one of the first introduced combo weapons before the official release of Dead Rising 3, the other being the Tactical Handgun.
  • Nick can be seen holding the Sledge Saw on the game's cover.
  • An exclusive golden Sledge Saw can be received as downloadable content. However, the code can only be received as a giveaway for employees of stores that sell Microsoft products.
  • In the October 2014 Lootcrate box, a Sledge Saw limited edition pen was included as a part of the monthly "loot". 
  • The Sledge Saw might have been inspired by or is similar to Shoguns buzz saw staff from the videogame Madworld.
  • The Sledge Saw returns in Dead Rising 4, but Frank holds it differently from Nick.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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