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For the Terror is Reality event, see Slicecycles.

The Slicecycle is a vehicle in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It can be crafted in the Combo Bay after the mission Meet the Contestants is completed, by combining a dirtbike with a chainsaw. A non-improvised version is used in the Terror is Reality event Slicecycles. The Slicecycle is used by psychopath Leon Bell, as well as Chuck Greene in Off the Record.

The Slicecycle is arguably the most dangerous weapon in the game, due to its superior strength and attack speed, with its durability. The Slicecycle is a simple design of a motorcycle and two chainsaws attached to the handlebars of the motorcycle. The bike can kill about 1000 zombies before breaking, unless the player crashes, in which case the possible kill count is lowered.

It is a standard motorcycle, with the useful addition of two chainsaw blades acting like wings on either side, slicing anything that the player drives into.[1]

Chuck can find a chainsaw on top of the stage in the Silver Strip or in the maintenance room beside Hot Excitorama.


Dead rising slicecycle main.png
  • Main: Hold Right trigger/R2 to accelerate.

Vehicle modifications[]

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Tutorial screen

In Dead Rising 2, after defeating the psychopath Leon Bell during the mission Meet the Contestants, Chuck acquires a key to Leon's Combo Bay and a green dirtbike.

In Off the Record, after defeating the psychopath Chuck Greene during the mission People Like Us, Frank also acquires a key to the Combo Bay and a green dirtbike.[2]

The dirtbike, located in the Combo Bay on the Silver Strip's north end, will respawn every time the player enters another area with a load screen.

Tutorial screen:

Chuck is an ex-motocross racer and can modify motorbikes in a variety of ways.
Bring a bike to the Combo Bay and combine it with weapons or paint.
Experiment with different combinations and ride in style!

The dirtbike is the only vehicle the player can customize with new paint jobs or modifications. The player cannot paint the Chopper or the Mercenary Bike.

The following is a list of every item that the player can combine with the bike:[3]

Photo Bike name Speed Durability Weapon required Results
Dead rising Bazooka Bike.png Bazooka Bike 43.50[4] 250[4] Rocket Launcher (combo weapon) Bike has a Rocket Launcher attached to the side. Beware of splash damage. Ammo: 150.
Dead rising Chain Saw Bike.png Slicecycle 43.50[4] 250[4] Chainsaw Bike has two chainsaws mounted to the sides.
Dead rising Machine Gun Bike.png Machine Gun Bike 43.50[4] 250[4] LMG Bike has two light machine guns attached. Ammo: 250.
Dead rising Rabbit Bike.png Rabbit Bike 31.25[4] 400[4] Giant Stuffed Rabbit Bike has a Giant Stuffed Rabbit attached. Zombies bounce off.
Dead rising Wheelchair Bike.png Wheelchair Bike 34.18[4] 250[4] Wheelchair Bike has a wheelchair attached. Survivors and co-op players can ride in the wheelchair.
Dead rising Motorbike.png Red Rocket 43.50[4] 250[4] Red Spray Paint Paints the bike red.
Dead rising Blue Thunder.png Blue Thunder 43.50[4] 250[4] Blue Spray Paint Paints the bike blue.
Dead rising Green Machine.png Green Machine 43.50[4] 250[4] Green Spray Paint Paints the bike green.
Dead rising Purple Punisher.png Purple Punisher 43.50[4] 250[4] Purple Spray Paint Paints the bike purple.
Dead rising Great American.png Great American 43.50[4] 250[4] USA Spray Paint Paints the bike in USA colors (red, white, and blue).


  • The official guide calls the Terror is Reality bike variant the "Slicecycle", and the combo bike variant the "Chain Saw Bike".[3]
  • According to Tape it or Die member Wallace Hertzog, the Terror is Reality Slicecycle is a "fully-modified IJIEK 772c Racing Bike (Second-Half 2004 Model), reverse-engineered to incorporate a low center of gravity (LCG) muffler design, a sixteen-valve, 4-stroke, DOHC engine, and, of course, a twin pair of chainsaws and 4 radial blades, attached to a separate engine located within the front fairing."[5]
  • Even though one chainsaw and a dirtbike is needed, the finished model has two chainsaws.
  • Using the Slicecycle is one of the ways to get the Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder and Zombie Genocide Master achievements.


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