For the vehicle, see Slicecycle.

Slicecycles is a Terror is Reality event in Dead Rising 2's multiplayer mode. Players drive Slicecycles through crowds of zombies to rack up kills, scoring bonus points for hitting zombies with pink balloons on their heads.[1] The player with the most points at the end of the round is declared the winner.


  • In the multiplayer online game, the first four games are always selected by the player at random. However, every “Terror Is Reality” episode concludes with a game of Slicecycles.[2]
  • The Tape it or Die bloggers expressed surprise that in Terror is Reality XVII slicecycles was played first.[3]
  • Time penalties are applied during this round, up to 18 seconds, so the higher points a player has before hand the better a player most likely will do.
    • The time penalties typically will not effect who wins the game, as there are only about 200 zombies available to kill in between the start of the game and when the actual horde is released. Some players can simply wait for the "Bonus Round" to collect the most points.
  • Slicecycles is the only event that is featured in the game's single-player story.


Ball topperEdit


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