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Slot Machines are the main attractions of all casino's in Dead Rising 2, Off the Record and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

Piles of money in front of a slot machine indicate that Chuck can play and win the machine 5 times.

Chuck can also bash the machines for money.

Slot Ranch Casino mega slot machine[]

Dead rising mega slot machine

There is a mega slot machine found along Slot Ranch Casino’s northeast wall. Like other slot machines, the price to play is low, but so are the odds of winning.[1] Chuck can use all three gambling magazines found in Ragazines, Stan's Large Print Books and Magazines, and the Shamrock Casino, to play for $1,000 and receive 1,000,000 every five minutes.

Slot machine names[]

There are 17 slot machines in Dead Rising 2.[2]

Name Location Description
Dead rising Slot Machine Barnyard Bonanza Barnyard Bonanza[3]
Dead rising slot burnin' rubber

Burning Rubber[5]

Exclusive to the Slot Ranch Casino

Dead rising slot cash diet Cash Diet[6]
Dead rising slot doctor green Doctor Green[7]
Dead rising Killer Blackjack
Killer Blackjack large game See minigames
Dead rising slot killer blackjack Killer Blackjack slots[8]
Dead rising slot king's crown

Kings Crown[9]
Dead rising mega slot machine
Giant Slots Slot Ranch Casino See minigames
Dead rising Lady Lapdance Lucky Lapdance[10]
Name Location Description
Dead rising Lucky Marble 2
Lucky Marble Yucatan Casino (center) See minigames
Dead rising slot megaman 10 Mega Man[11]

Exclusive to the Yucatan

Dead rising slot monster's moolah

Monsters Moolah[12]
Dead rising slot reel it in Reel It In![13]
Dead rising slot roaring engines Roaring Engines[14]
Dead rising slot street fighter Street Fighter[15]

Not in game files

Dead rising slot sugar daddy Dead rising slot purse daddy
Dead Rising 2: Sugar Daddy[16]

Off the Record: Purse Daddy

See: Comparisons between Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record

Dead rising slot trouble with turkeys Trouble with Turkeys[17]
Dead rising Wild West Poker Draw
Wild West Poker Draw! large game[18] See minigames for full description. Unique to Americana Casino
Dead rising slot wild west poker draw
Wild West Poker Draw! slot machine
Dead rising slot yachts of fun Yachts of Fun[19] Exclusively found in the Atlantica.


  • After defeating Snowflake, Lenny Mooney will turn on all the slot machines within Yucatan Casino.
  • There are no slot machines in the Fortune City Hotel, South Plaza, the Arena or the rooftops.
  • The files which control how the slot machines work are found in data\frontend\ingame.big, with names such as em_huge_drawpoker.txt and em_slot_lapdance.txt
  • The Doctor Green slot machine will play a brief part of the Mega Man X1 boss theme as part of its attract mode jingle.



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