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"Slots as far as the eye can see, you're sure to strike it rich in the Slot Ranch Casino! And this month only, Slot Ranch Casino hosts the first stop of famed pop-star Bibi Love's epic comeback tour"
—Fortune City map description

The Slot Ranch Casino is a major location in Fortune City, serving as one of the city's exclusive hotels in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is the only 2-star major hotel in Fortune City. The casino is adjacent to the Royal Flush Plaza and Silver Strip, and is directly connected to the Food Court, with the two areas comprising a single loading zone.

On the third day, psychopath Bibi Love is encountered on the casino's stage, holding several of her employees hostage during the mission One Hit Wonder. In Dead Rising 2, Woodrow Rutherford is found stealing cash from the casino's ATMs during the mission Bank Run.


Points of interest[]

Dead rising 018
  • The large slot machine located on the northeast wall has the highest payout of any form of gambling in the game. The maximum payout is $100,000, with smaller payouts including $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, and $50,000. The magazines Gambling 1 through Gambling 3 do not appear to affect the amount of money awarded from this slot machine, but they do seem to increase the odds of winning in the first place.

  • In Dead Rising 2, a Zombrex box is hidden behind the stage on the right. Jump from the top of the huge dice onto the highest ledge.

PP Sticker locations[]

Off the Record Prestige Point Sticker locations:

Images Store Location Number[1]
Total: 10 stickers
26 close 26 far 26 map
The counter behind the bar 26
27 close 27 far 27 map
The counter inside the backstage maintenance room 27
28 close 28 far 28 map
The direction sign in front of the hallway between Slot Ranch Casino and Food Court 28
29 close 29 far 29 map
The sign above the restroom entrance 29
30 close 30 far 30 map
One of the sun patterns on the ceiling between Slot Ranch Casino and Food Court 30
31 close 31 far 31 map
The middle machine in a set of Monster's Moolah slot machines 31
32 close 32 far 32 map
The leftmost Bibi poster in the stage area 32
33 close 33 far 33 map
The bulletin board inside the security room 33
34 close 34 far 34 map
The sign above a set of Barnyard Bonanza slot machines 34
35 close 35 far 35 map
The hand of the statue standing next to "Cash Me If You Can" 35

Zombrex Poster locations[]

Zombrex poster locations for the achievement Improper Behavior:

Image Map Location description
Dead rising zombrex poster slot ranch casino restroom (2)
Dead rising zombrex poster slot ranch casino restroom
Ladies' restroom (save point) directly outside entrance.
Dead rising zombrex poster yucatan casino near bar 2
Dead rising zombrex poster slot ranch casino near bar
To the right of the walkway entrance between Slot Ranch Casino and the Food Court, near the bar.

Load screen prestige points[]

Off the Record hidden load screen prestige point bonuses:

Hint Description PP bonus
Grabbing all the cash is sure to be worth something. Win the minigame Cash Me If You Can, in which the player grabs as much cash as they can in a box. See minigames
It's time to drink like it's a cold Russian winter. Drink a bottle of vodka in the Slot Ranch Casino or Food Court. One can be found behind the counter on the left side of the bar. 1000 PP - once[2]


Blogger Gretchen Peregrine of Tape It or Die wrote:

Pros: Inexpensive, and close to the Royal Flush Plaza.

Cons: There is a reason it is inexpensive. Many of the reviews I've seen have skewed negative. The worst, albeit most hilarious in a schadenfreude manner, that I've read is in regards to a snake, of all things, entering into someone's room through a visible mouse hole.[3]

Hotels in fortune city

Fortune City Hotel - Atlantica - Yucatan - Americana - Slot Ranch

There's always slots and slots of great stuff going on at this fabulous hotel and casino.

  • One Armed Bandit Suite
  • Live Entertainment
  • All-You-Can-Eat Buffet
  • Casino
  • Bowling Alley
  • Roller Disco

No zombie pets policy - Zombrex available

Advertised features:[4]

Facilities Price Reviews

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet


Bowling Alley


Electric Fencing

Gun Hire

Live Entertainment

Money Cage

One Armed Bandit Suite


Roller Disco


$69.99 - $899.99 per night StarStarStarStar

Wow! What a week. A great range of guns that really helped me get my eye in. If you love guns, girls and gambling - and I do - then there's nowhere better. -- Dennis Redmann


It's slot heaven baby! I have never seen so many slot machines in my life - I nearly died when we first walked in. Oh and the noise they made - it was sweet music to my ears. Best place I ever stayed. -- Mary Carey



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  2. cFoodItem Vodka
    	cPrestigePointInteractionItem PPHVodka
    		EnvironmentalPPBonus = "1000"
    		EnvironmentalPPFreq = "2"
    		InteractionType = "2"
    		LevelName = "LEVEL_FOOD_BARN"
    		TimesToGivePP = "1"
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