The small chainsaw is a weapon in Dead Rising. It is a much smaller version of the chainsaw that can be wielded single-handedly, and can be stored in your Inventory, unlike its counterpart.


  • Primary: Tap the X button button to swing the small chainsaw. This attack can remove a zombie's head or limb.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Right trigger trigger to go into aim mode then press the X button button to throw the small chainsaw.



  • With books from around the mall, you can make the small chainsaw more durable. The Criminal Biography Book (Found in Sir Book-a-Lot, Wonderland Plaza), Engineering book and Entertainment book (Both found in Bachman's Bookporium, Paradise Plaza) each triple the durability of the chainsaw; with all three books, the small chainsaw can go from withstanding 80 hits to 2160 hits and last a very long time.
  • This weapon is highly effective against psychopaths, as it can kill them in just a few attacks (usually around 5 to 6 depending on the psychopath), making the game much easier.
  • This weapon is also effective in the hands of survivors.
  • In order to get two Small Chainsaws, (after killing Adam) you must take a chainsaw, stop the ride, and take another.
  • When Adam is killed in Infinity Mode, he will drop two Small Chainsaws. However, they do not respawn near the ride controls if you leave and re-enter Wonderland Plaza.


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