Collect Snake's Ring 3
Job Gang Member
Location Lee-Amies Estates
Mission(s) Collect Snake's Ring

Snake is a character in the Dead Rising 3 DLC Chaos Rising.

He is one of three captains who work for Spider. Hunter decides to hunt down the three captains to diminish Spider's hold on the biker gang. Snake is found at the Lee-Amies Estates in Ingleton, and upon seeing Hunter, runs off, claiming that he's only following Spider's orders. Like the other captains, he will drop a ring when killed.

Trivia Edit

  • Snake is armed with a Razorback; the only survivor to be armed with one. However, he never actually will use it.
    • In fact, Snake will never attack (possibly because his AI doesn't know how to use the weapon). As Such, the player can merely "toy" with Snake as long as they want. If Snake gets cornered on the rooftop, he simply cowers in fear.
  • Snake is a weird case of a survivor in that he's a victim that the player must kill. This is actually a first for the series.
    • Although Snake being killed by zombies will still have him drop the ring, which is what Hunter needs.


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