Snake in the Grass
Snake in the Grass Screenshot 2
Location Safe House
Start Time 3pm, September 27th
End Time 10pm, September 27th

Snake in the Grass is a mutiny mission in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It only occurs if Frank West has rescued Richard Kelly in the mission Hunger Pains. Richard has been bothering other women and needs a magazine to ease the tension.

Completing this mission will award Frank with the Team Player achievement.


Frank will receive a call from Stacey sometime after leading Richard to the safe house. It turns out Richard is bothering the women in the safe house. When Frank speaks to him, Richard mentions he's getting "frisky". Frank must retrieve the Erotic Magazine from Hot Excitorama for Richard in order to stop a possible mutiny. Richard will tell Frank he will be in the bathroom and gives Frank $100. Frank complains about the small sum and Richard will give him an additional $4,900 for a total reward of $5,000.

If Frank does not get the magazine for Richard in time, all of the women in the safe house will leave, never to be found again.

Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the game files.


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