Sonya Paddock
Sonya Paddock
Age 54
Job President
Status Deceased
Mission(s) Enter the HQ

Sonya Paddock is the president of the United States of America in Dead Rising 3.

She gets stuck inside the city Los Perdidos as a part of General Hemlock's plan. Her capture is also the main focus of Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle.

Dead Rising 3Edit

Diego first mentions that his squad were in Los Perdidos to protect the president during the inauguration of a new museum in the city. While the rest of his squad were killed defending her, Diego fled and feels immensely guilty for his decision. 

The fate of the president is unknown until Chapter 4. She is being held captive by the Special Forces and Marian Mallon. General Hemlock orders the soldiers holding her to infect her with the zombie parasite, stating that "they needed a body". 

After she turns, Hemlock orders that a video be taken of her while she eats somebody, and she is then to be disposed of. Her death is announced over the radio at the end of Chapter 4.

Operation Broken EagleEdit

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Paddock is escorted by the Secret Service from the museum to the mayor's mansion. They defend themselves from zombies while they wait to be extracted. Once their location was discovered by the Special Forces, Adam Kane was sent to retrieve the president, successfully dispatching all her guards and taking her back to the base in Ingleton.

After she turns, Hemlock orders that a video be taken of her while she eats somebody, and she is then to be disposed of. A Special Forces soldier then takes her to a tent where Adam Kane is about to destroy some incriminating evidence, but the soldier salutes Kane and loses control of the zombified president. Kane then shoots her in the head, finally putting her to rest.


  • Sonya is a parody of the real life Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. Sonya is also from Alaska, and looks similar to Palin, with glasses and dark hair pulled back into a bun. They also share the same initials.[1]
  • In a ZDC News Update, it is revealed that she had a husband named Alan and at least two daughters. Her husband suspects that her placement in Los Perdidos during the time of the outbreak was no coincidence.
    • Congress was supposedly called to start an investigation into the incident, but no arrests were ever made.



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