South Almuda
South Almuda (DR3)
Location Los Perdidos
Survivor(s) Alejandra Garcia
Big D
Doug Trent
Eric Martinez
Jesse Miller
Julia Slyde
Jorge Ruiz
Kenny Dermot
Kent DeMare
Lauren Staples
Troy Glover
Winnie Lee
Psychopath(s) Albert Contiello
Dylan Fuentes
Ronald "Red" Jackson
Mission(s) Blood Barter
Dog Gone!
Lesser Evil
Making a Killing
Play Time
The Hunted
Time for a Hero
"Home to the busy docks, warehouses, train yards, heavy industry, shipping offices, and liquor stores at the heart of Los Perdidos' busy shipping industry"
—Map Description

South Almuda is one of the four districts within Los Perdidos in Dead Rising 3.

It is the industrial district of the city and contains no housing. 



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