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The Special Forces are a group of highly trained military units tasked with unconventional, often high-risk missions.[1]

The special forces troops are featured in Dead Rising, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, and in Dead Rising 3 a more modernized and improve version as Special Ops.

In Dead Rising and Chop Till You Drop, the soldiers are led by Commander Brock Mason on a mission to kill every zombie and survivor in the Willamette Parkview Mall during Overtime Mode on Day 4, September 22, 12:00am.

Each Special Forces soldier is armed with a Machinegun and well-geared with body armor and helmets. Killing a Special Forces member rewards Frank 5,000 Prestige Points. Killing 10 in one playthrough will unlock the Legendary Soldier achievement and unlock the Special Forces Boots.

Because of these forces, all of the Willamette Parkview Mall is temporarily cleared of zombies, except for Leisure Park and the Maintenance Tunnels.

Several Special Forces helicopters can be seen flying above burning buildings while Connie and Dakota were driving in the outskirts of town.

Dead Rising[]

When Ed DeLuca and Frank West were flying into town, they observed a barricade at one of the bridges consisting of barbed wire, sandbags and traffic cones among other items, manned by eight National Guardsmen and an armored vehicle. Flying further into town, after witnessing strange happenings in the main street, several helicopters begin to chase the unauthorized charter helicopter.

The Facts: Memories[]

On the fourth day, September 22, the Special Forces begin their raid on the mall at 12AM (midnight). At the same time, two soldiers - an escort and his guard - interrogate Jessica McCarney, telling her that if she signs the Official Secrets Act and pretends she doesn't know anything about the incident, she will be free to go. However, Jessie turns into a zombie due to her infection by Russell Barnaby and kills the two soldiers.

While the escort speaks to Jessie, the other soldiers begin their clean-up operation. They kill every zombie and any unsaved survivors on sight until 10AM, upon which they leave the mall due to the zombies continuing to pour in.

A Helicopter patrols Leisure Park, killing zombies and shooting at Frank while the soldiers work indoors. Defeating this helicopter in a playthrough then finishing the game unlocks the Special Forces Outfit and the Hella Copter achievement.

Special Forces Drones assist the soldiers in clearing the mall of zombies and survivors. These drones are also deployed by Brock's XM3 Prototype Tank during the first phase of his boss fight.

Battling the Special Forces[]

The Special Forces troops are equipped with body armor, which completely protects them from Handgun fire and grants them a high resistance to every other type of firearm. Their helmets also make them immune to headshots. Lone Soldiers are easy enough to deal with, but if there's a huge group of them, don't engage them and take an alternate route unless you are well-equipped for the fight. Always stock up on many health items as you can, as their machinegun fire is very damaging.

The best weapon to quickly defeat the special forces is Adam the Clown's Small Chainsaw.

If Frank did not defeat Adam, the next best weapon is the Shotgun - though it takes up to 5 or 6 shots for a kill. Protip, when shooting them with the shotgun, you can cancel the pumping animation by letting go of the aim button, this way, you can fire the shotgun really fast.

If you got the Zombie Genocider Achievement and unlocked the Real Mega Buster, it can take them down in 1 shot, provided that you aim for their body.

The special forces' own Machinegun is also viable at the cost of a large amount of ammo. But it is only recommended when there is about 1-2 of them, since fighting a crowd with the machinegun isn't recommended. You can simply spray at them, at mid-close range(stunning them occasionally) and after killing them, you can pick their gun up for easy ammo refill. Carry 1-2 of these if necessary..

Melee skills can instantly kill them, allowing for quick clearing of lone soldiers without expending items.

The Ceremonial Sword is also a good way to defeat them, as it only takes 3 or 4 hits. However, if the Special Forces have already arrived and you don't have it, don't risk going to the theater to get it.

Captured by Special Forces[]

If Frank encounters the Special Forces in "72 Hour Mode", and allows them to deplete all of his remaining health, Frank will immediately pass out and a cutscene will play showing him being held captive by the military, an action that cancels the Unbreakable achievement. As soon as the cutscene ends, the player is given the chance to attempt to free Frank from captivity.

Frank must manage to free himself from the helicopter without being spotted, but the whole process will take some time. If the Special Forces take notice of what Frank is doing, one of them will immediately incapacitate him by striking him with the butt of their machinegun, and the player will be forced to start over. Each time Frank is incapacitated, 2 hours of in-game time will pass.

If Frank succeeds in freeing himself, he will escape but will be defenseless and in his underwear, having permanently lost all of his items and clothing. If Frank doesn't succeed in freeing himself, the clock will eventually run out and Frank will be airlifted out of the mall as a prisoner, thus resulting in Ending D, unless the player has reached Overtime, in which, Frank turns into a zombie while in custody.

Dead Rising 3[]

Dead Rising 3 features a more modernized Special Ops group led by General John Hemlock. They play a major role in the storyline throughout the game, prequel comic and its DLCs.

In the precursor to DR3, what is assumed to be special forces choppers are seen gunning down tangos in the middle of an overrun street. Both zombies and survivors with little discretion as was the case with Nick Ramos, Dick Baker and Annie as they were fleeing military pursuit as they dodged the undead around them.

Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle features special forces commander Adam Kane as the DLC's protagonist.


  • Although Special Forces are hurt when stabbed by the excavator, they do not twist like the zombies do.
  • The Special Forces Uniform worn by the Special Forces look very similar to the ones worn by the Umbrella Security Service in the Resident Evil series, particularly those in the spin-offs, Outbreak and Outbreak File #2.
  • The uniforms worn by the generic encounterable soldiers are less detailed and darker than the ones on cutscene-specific characters or Brock Mason. This is especially noticeable when wearing the Special Forces Uniform.
  • If you try to shoot one of the Special Forces helmets with a firearm, the bullet will be deflected.
  • Hitting the Special Forces with "joke" weapons (paint cans or pylons) has little to no effect.
  • In the Security Room, the two guards that evacuated the survivors and apprehended Jessie have different models. However, they share the same exact model when lying on the floor next to each other after they are killed.
  • In Dead Rising: Road to Fortune, a Special Forces unit is led by John Kilduff in Issue #3 and work alongside Phenotrans to perpetuate the Las Vegas Outbreak. Kilduff mentions that he and Brock Mason "...came up though SPECFOR together."
  • Unused "Examine" text indicates the soldiers' armor may have had its own life bar at one point during development. This was likely removed to avoid having life bars on-screen.
  • Most special forces soldiers do not seem to become zombies if they are killed. They instead remain dead and are eaten by nearby zombies. This is demonstrated by the two soldiers in the Security Room who were killed by the zombified Jesse. Their bodies remain until Frank leaves the Security Room. If Frank returns, he will find the bodies have simply disappeared.



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