Speed Freak
Location Ingleton
Survivor(s) Derek
PP 25,000
"Guy running around like a loony in Ingleton by the barber's. Maybe he needs a trim?"
Jamie Flynt

Speed Freak is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

Nick can find Derek only after meeting Red at the car lot rooftop during Chapter 4.[1]


Nick can speak to a man named Derek who is standing in the courtyard in the back alley behind the Lee-Amies Estates. He will challenge Nick to a race around the streets of Ingleton. Go to the starting place and follow the markers around the city to complete the race. There will be many hordes of zombies to wade through while the race is going on, so it is recommended to have some sort of weapon in order to defend yourself. This race takes Nick and Derek through nearly all of Ingleton, so prepare wisely!

Nick does not have to complete the race on foot. He can, in fact, drive to complete the mission faster without any worry of failing it. Once Nick finishes the race and beats Derek, Derek will open up the Just a Shot gun shop, which was previously locked. Inside are many guns for Nick's choosing. 

If Derek beats Nick in the race, the mission will fail and cannot be repeated, so ensure Nick has a vehicle strategically placed after the monk's garden as the mission requires Nick to run through two checkpoints in the garden on foot (cannot be accessed by vehicle).


  • Driving will get the race done faster, although some people may consider this cheating.
  • Putting points into the agility attribute category will cause Nick to run faster and have more stamina.[2]
  • Quickstep will help Nick run faster for longer.
  • Creating a Repulse or Untouchable will protect Nick from zombies while he runs through the zombie infested streets. 



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