Weapon Six Shooter
Location Quarantine Zone
Health 3000
Mission(s) Talk to Spider

Defeat Spider

Spider is a character appearing in Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising.

Spider acts as the main antagonist during Chaos Rising. He is responsible for framing Hunter for a crime he did not commit, successfully jailing him. With Hunter gone, Spider works on overthrowing Torque's leadership of the Kings of Chaos biker gang, making himself the leader. When Hunter escapes from jail he meets up with Spider, only to have Spider send gang members after him. Spider shoots Hunter and disposes of his body, thinking that he's killed him.

Hunter eventually conspires with Torque to take over Spider's leadership of the biker gang. After Torque is killed by Spider, Hunter's need for revenge is furthered, and he goes to meet with Spider at the Quarantine Station. The two duel, and Spider is eventually killed when Hunter shoves a bowie knife into his lower jaw after breaking his arm. Hunter then takes control as leader of the Kings of Chaos gang.


  • In battle, Spider closely resembles Raymond Sullivan and Tyrone King from Dead Rising 2, having the former's ability to shoot weapons out of your hands and a rushing tackle very similar to the latter.
  • His idle, movement, damage, charging animations and some of his attacks are reused from Ronald "Red" Jackson
    • The only unarmed bosses Spider does not have similar moves from is Brock and Hemlock
  • His battle theme is the 2nd part of Hunter's battle theme.


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