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SporTrance (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising SporTrance (Dead Rising 2)
Store Number R112/R214
Location Royal Flush Plaza
Survivor(s) Luz Palmer
Mission(s) Par for the Course
"With 2 floors brimming with savings, there's no need to buy sporting goods anywhere else but SporTrance."
—Fortune City map description

SporTrance is a sporting goods store located in the Royal Flush Plaza in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Occasionally, looters will be found in the store rummaging through merchandise, a gang of three on each floor.

Later, a golfer by the name of Luz Palmer is found defending herself from the zombies in the store with a golf club when Chuck receives the message Par for the Course. If she is rescued successfully, later in the game Chuck receives the mission Bent Wood, which is Luz asking him to bring a new golf club back to the Safe House so she can practice, and the nearest golf club is located here.

There are three display racks in the store, all of which can be spun for 1,000 PP each. There is another set of racks in KokoNutz Sports Town, located in the Palisades Mall. If the player spins the six racks altogether, he/she will receive a 10,000-PP bonus.





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Dead rising 2 off the record zombies above sportstrance


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