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Dead rising Sports Skills Pack

The Sports Fan Skills Pack is a DLC clothing pack in Dead Rising 2, released on October 26, 2010. It was given as a pre-order bonus to players who purchased the game from Best Buy. The clothing pack appears again in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, with parts of the outfit scattered throughout Fortune City.


  • Increased running speed: The Sports Fan Skills gives the player a 20% speed increase when it is worn. It can be stacked with Quickstep for an even bigger speed bonus.[1]
  • Unique football attack: With a football, Chuck has a powerful running stiff-arm, a new charge/tackle attack, presumably meant to imitate a linebacker blitz.[2][3]
  • Better health recovery: Chuck regains additional health whenever he consumes food or drinks (one block for food items and two blocks for alcoholic drinks). Chuck can drink unlimited alcohol without getting sick,[3] and can eat spoiled food items without vomiting.
  • Increased gambling winnings:[4] The player earns 30% more money from gambling. It has not been confirmed whether or not this includes poker games.


The outfit consists of four pieces of clothing, one for each section of the body. Once obtained, they can be accessed at the clothing locker in the Safe House restroom. In Dead Rising 2, at least one piece of clothing must be worn to gain the outfit's special abilities. In Off the Record, all pieces must be worn.

Image Clothing Description Off the Record name and location
Sports Fan Hat Sports Fan Hat Every team should have a Viking mascot! Sports Fan Helmet: Silver Strip - Hot Excitorama (N110), in the backroom
Sports Fan Face Sports Fan Face Straight from "Fan Dedication 101" Sports Fan Face Paint: Americana Casino, above the security room, reached by jumping across lamps from Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack (A101)
Sports Fan Shirt Sports Fan Shirt GO TEAM! Sports Fan Clothes: Palisades Mall - KokoNutz Sports Town (P110)
Sports Fan Boots Sports Fan Boots Cleats for extra traction Sports Fan Cleats: Royal Flush Plaza - SporTrance (R112)

Off the Record[]

  • In Off the Record, the Sports Fan outfit is automatically available within the game, though the four pieces of it must first be found. The Sports Fan Face Paint is found on the Americana Casino upper platforms above the security office, where Zombrex was previously found in Dead Rising 2.
  • In Off the Record, the power of unlimited alcohol consumption is not extended to escorted survivors. They can still become drunk and vomit. The Party Time achievement/trophy can still be obtained while Frank wears this suit.[5]
  • In Off the Record, Frank's hair is a two-tone red and yellow color when wearing the Sport Fan Helmet, unlike Chuck's hair which turns green.
  • The description of this outfit: "Turn Frank into the ultimate tailgate partygoer with this 4-piece clothing pack! Wearing just one piece will grant you an iron stomach, granting extra health from food and allowing you to eat anything with no risk of illness! You'll also get bonuses with sports weapons as well as a special charge attack with the Football! Includes Shoes, Clothes, Facepaint and Helmet. Access them right away at the clothing locker in the Safe House bathroom."[6]
  • The special charge attack with the football has been removed for unknown reasons. Attempting to perform it will result in a regular toss. Joining a co-op game as Chuck will yield the same result.

Skills packs[]

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Skills packs are downloadable costumes that can be found in the Safe House restroom clothing locker.

For Dead Rising 2, the Ninja, Psychopath, Solider of Fortune, and Sports costumes were first offered as pre-order bonuses. After October 12, 2010, a player could purchase these costumes. These costumes can be used during co-op.[2][7][8] Off the Record separates these four costumes' parts and scatters them throughout Fortune City for Frank to find or unlock.

For Off the Record, the Cosplay Warrior costume was announced as a pre-order bonus on July 21, 2011. The Cyborg, Fire Fighter, and Barbecue Chef were not offered as pre-order bonuses and are only available as DLC.

All skill packs
Image Name Abilities Sale release date
Dead rising Ninja Skills Pack bust
Ninja Skills Pack
  • Pass through zombies undetected[2]
  • New sword attacks
  • Thrown weapons (nails, plates, CDs, etc.) are thrown at a faster rate
  • Special ninja-like animations
November 2, 2010
Dead rising Psychopath Skills Pack bust
Psychopath Skills Pack October 12, 2010
Dead rising Soldier of Fortune Skills Pack bust
Soldier of Fortune Pack
  • Double ammo for firearms
  • Increased shooting accuracy
  • Increased firearm damage
  • Better headshot accuracy[2]
October 19, 2010
Dead rising Sports Skills Pack bust
Sports Fan Skills Pack October 26, 2010
Off the Record exclusive
Image Name Abilities Sale release date
Dead rising Cosplay Warrior Skills Pack bust Cosplay Warrior Skills Pack November 15, 2011[14]
Dead rising Cyborg Skills Pack mug Cyborg Skills Pack
  • Electricity damage added to regular attacks[15] - discharge electricity and stun nearby zombies.
  • Electric damage when Frank fights with his bare hands.[16] Increased damage in melee attacks.[15]
  • Increased electric damage and electrical effects when Frank fights with an electrical appliance[16][15]
October 25, 2011[14]
Dead rising Fire Fighter Skills Pack bust Fire Fighter Skills Pack
  • Immune to fire damage[17]
  • Increased speed when carrying or assisting survivors.[17] Survivors run faster when following Frank.[16]
  • Frank can kick open doors.[17][16]
  • Frank can blast zombies with a torrent of water when using a water gun.[16]
  • New attacks and increased durability with the fire axe[17]
November 8, 2011[14]
Dead rising Barbecue Chef Skills Pack bust Barbecue Chef Skills Pack November 1, 2011[14]


Dead rising Football Uniform
  • The outfit's football jersey looks nearly identical to the jersey that comes with the Football Uniform.
  • A type of zombie from the Dead Rising 2 beta shown at the 2009 Toyoko Game Show wore a football jersey that looked very similar to the Sports Fan jersey and also had "88" written on the front. These zombies were later scrapped.
  • It is a common misconception that stacking it with Quickstep gives the player double the speed buff. This is not true, as Quickstep is far more potent. It is also a myth that stacking it with the Protoman Blaster and Shield offers an even higher speed bonus; this is untrue as all it does is alter the running animation to a cartoonish running style that makes Frank's legs move faster, giving the illusion of faster movement. Checking items.txt reveals that there is no speed boost attached to any of the Protoman clothes or the blaster.



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