Springtree Jewels
Dead rising Springtree Jewels
Store Number E203
Location Entrance Plaza
Dead Rising
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Dead rising Springtree Jewels PANORAMA
"Be sure to stop by our lovely showroom. We know you'll find just what you're looking for. With Springtree Jewels, your hearth will think it's Spring all year long!"
—Willamette Parkview Mall Map

Springtree Jewels is a jewelry store on the second floor of Entrance Plaza in Dead Rising.

It is one of eight jewelry stores in the Willamette Parkview Mall.



  • Springtree Jewels may be a reference to Dead Rising producer Yutaka Haruki, whose last name can be translated literally as "spring tree."
  • Springtree Jewels shares a similar interior with Emerald's. Both stores have an identical layout, but have different color schemes. Emerald's features a green and brown color scheme, while Springtree Jewels has an orange and brown color scheme.


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There are 8 jewelry stores in Willamette Parkview Mall: